March 28, 2023

Young woman sentenced to 8 years in prison after lying about being a rape and trafficking victim

A UK woman has been jailed for eight and a half years for lying about being raped, being trafficked by an Asian gang and making false allegations of rape against several other men.

Eleanor Williams, 22, was convicted in January of nine counts of misrepresenting the investigation of a court case. On the day of sentencing at Preston Crown Court, the judge said the woman’s claims were “completely fictitious” and showed “no sign of remorse”.

The officer in charge of the case, Doug Marshall, told Sky News: “I’ve had cases where people have lied, but never on this scale.” He added that Eleanor Williams “would not have stopped” if she had not been charged,

The 22-year-old’s accusations went viral in 2020, when she posted photos of herself on the social network Facebook with bruises and injuries on various parts of her body.

At the time, she claimed she was beaten, raped and forced to attend “sex parties” by Asians.

The case went viral on social media and even created a solidarity campaign called ‘Justice for Ellie’, which has had more than 100,000 shares.

In the investigation, police began to investigate the alleged allegations of sexual abuse, but quickly realized they were false. Police have verified that Eleanor Williams was staying at a hotel at the time she claimed she was sold for sex.

Video surveillance footage showed the check-in time. In addition, phone records showed that he was in the room watching videos and even going to a grocery store.

But he wasn’t alone. The images also came to prove that Eleanor Williams bought a hammer, identical in shape to the one found in her wounds. An expert ensured that the bruises on her face, arms, back and legs fit this shape.

The investigation also found that the woman created fake accounts to send messages to herself to make it look like she was receiving messages from abusers.

The victims in this case considered suicide

Mohamed Ramzan, one of the men falsely accused by Elaneor of rape and human trafficking, revealed that two weeks after his arrest he tried to kill himself. “I carry the scars to this day,” he said.

Speaking outside the courthouse, Mohammed said he did not know if he and his family would “recover from this” but were “determined to move on”.

In a statement read to the court, Jordan Trengove, another of the victims, revealed that the word “rapist” was graffitied on his home and that he also tried to end his own life.

“I couldn’t leave the house, I couldn’t go to work,” Jordan told Sky News. Now, he feels “relieved” by the conviction, but leaves the criticism. “I expected it to be a bit longer [a pena de prisão] “, he confessed.

The sister believes the allegations were false

Her sister Eleanor also spoke to Sky News and revealed the phone calls were “constant… all very strange”.

Lucy Williams said she believed her sister’s claims were false. She also revealed that when her sister told her it was up for auction in Amsterdam, the two were on a trip together.

In the statement read by the defense, Eleonora excused herself: “I know I made some mistakes and I’m sorry. I was a new girl and I was confused. I’m not saying I’m guilty, but I know I made some mistakes, so I’m sorry.”

Eleanor’s mother cannot describe what she is going through

The mother also spoke to Sky News, who told her that she cannot understand what is happening.

“I can’t describe it. I still can’t understand it. It just doesn’t seem real. The person the press is portraying is not the person I know,” she said. “I think she was just trying to get people to listen to her,” she concluded, accepting that her daughter had lied.

In the case that shocked the UK, it turned out that all the evidence presented by Eleanor Williams was fictitious.

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