March 29, 2023

Xbox Game Pass will not suffer a price increase due to Activision

Microsoft stated, responding to the CMAthe UK trade regulator, that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service will not see a price increase with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The company has guaranteed that an increase is not in its plans, and is an example of Bethesda’s acquisitions and its ZeniMaxwith its large catalog of games, added without having to increase the price of the subscription service.

“The integration of Activision and Microsoft will allow more games to be introduced at a reduced cost for Xbox and should keep prices low to capture more and more gamers.” Microsoft said.

“The transaction with ZeniMax resulted in more content without increasing the price of Game Pass subscriptions. This is part of the plan, as Game Pass users are very price sensitive, and a Game Pass price increase will affect all users, including those who don’t appreciate or play CoD.”

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In an official statement, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) pointed out that its acquisition Activision Blizzard for Microsoft may reduce competition in console and cloud gaming and be detrimental to the industry.

The British official says that the Microsoft it would be commercially beneficial to do so call of duty exclusively on Xbox – or available on the platform in an enhanced way – which would result in “higher prices, reduced appeal, lower quality, worse service and/or reduced innovation“.

In addition, CMA believes that its securities Activision Blizzard – inclusive call of duty is World of Warcraft – will prove vital to flow as this field grows.

The next step for Microsoft It would be to address these concerns with possible concessions that could appease regulators.

“These are provisional conclusions, which means the CMA sets out its concerns in writing and both parties have an opportunity to respond. We hope that between now and April we can help the CMA better understand our industry to ensure it can achieve its stated mandate of promoting an environment where people can be confident they are getting great choice and fair deals, where where competitive businesses and fair markets can innovate and prosper, and where the whole of the UK economy can grow productively and sustainably.”

Tell him Activision Blizzardin response to power.

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