Woman describes the moment she found her husband’s body in the closet

JEnnifer Maedge, the woman who found her husband’s body in a closet eight months after he disappeared, described the moment she encountered the body.

The case dates back to December 11, in Illinois, United States of America (USA), when the woman she was looking for Christmas decorations and trying to “find the best way to celebrate the holidays without knowing where she is” human’s. Richard Maedge, 53, had been missing since April 27.

“I know it might sound weird. I was just trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the holidays without knowing where my husband is,” the 49-year-old told People magazine. “I thought about it for weeks before I decided to put up some Christmas decorations, get myself into the holiday spirit and honor my husband in some way.”

Jennifer then decided to make the Christmas tree and decorate the house with some accessories. It was while searching for Christmas items with a flashlight in the closet that she came across her husband’s already mummified body. “It was very shocking”he confessed.

According to authorities, the man took his own life and there were no signs of foul play.

On the day of his disappearance, Richard told his wife that he had left home early for work. However, when Jennifer returned home, she found her husband’s car at the door and her husband’s keys and wallet inside.

After not finding him, she decided to alert the authorities, who went to the scene to gather evidence to begin searching for the man. Months later, Jennifer called the police again because of the unpleasant smell that did not go away from inside the house.

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