March 30, 2023

With “next-gen horror”, Stray Souls is announced for PS5

Another promising survival horror is coming to PlayStation 5. Stray Souls was announced this Wednesday (15), with a trailer posted by IGN. With gameplay elements inspired by classic horror combat, combined with soul-like precision, it aims to “give a new face to the genre”.

The graphics engine used is Unreal Engine 5, developed by Jukai Studio and directed by Artur Laczkowski. The player will enter a world of nightmares, inspired by classics of the genre. See more details in the video below:

In addition, the developers have already released some interesting themes for the game on their Steam page:

  • Explore the town of Aspen Fall and its environs to unravel the nefarious plan set in motion by Daniel’s birth.
  • Immerse yourself in Daniel’s story. Choose responses at key moments through branching dialogue, shaping the protagonist’s tone and personality.
  • Face or escape from hordes of hideous creatures. Simplified combat with a reduced arsenal focuses on planning battle tactics and resource management.
  • Solve many challenging puzzles with creative solutions to test your intelligence.
  • Variable systems will cause enemy encounters, item placements, weather changes, and strange phenomena to occur in different places, making each playthrough unique.

There is no release date for Stray Souls yet, but it should be released sometime in 2023.

Description of Stray Souls

Discover the hidden secrets of the cursed city of Aspen Falls, including grotesque enemy encounters, legendary bosses, intricate puzzles and an intense story where not everyone is what they seem. Play as Daniel, an ordinary teenager whose life changes forever after he inherits his estranged grandmother’s house and meets a mysterious woman with intimate knowledge about his family, home, and his shocking connection to his past.

Witness the ultimate horror like never before with the power of Unreal Engine 5 and MetaHuman technology. Advanced facial animation captures a wide range of human emotions, creating a whole new level of photorealism! Dynamic lights and weather bring every whimsical detail of Aspen Falls to life, from the peeling wallpaper in Grandma’s house to the depths of the misty forest and more.

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