Win–win situation: physical exercise improved the performance of video game players

Video games are commonly and often associated with a sedentary and therefore unhealthy lifestyle. Around here, we’ve already debunked quite a few myths, but even though this study doesn’t have enough weight on it, the truth is that it concluded that physical exercise improved the performance of video game players.

Although more studies are needed to confirm the conclusions, video game players can test and understand if, for them, physical exercise before the video game leads to better performance.

Although it is not necessarily a rule, the truth is that those who play video games spend many hours in front of a console or a computer, ending up neglecting other activities, namely physical exercise.

For this reason, video games are associated with sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. Now, despite the common sense of it being an addictive activity, around here we've already seen that this hobby can have a positive impact on younger people, improving brain activity and decision making, for example.

High-intensity training before video games could boost players' performance

According to a 2020 study, those who play video games don't necessarily need to be sedentary. Incidentally, the conclusion pointed out that physical activity could improve performance in video games.

For the study, 20 volunteers, League of Legends players, were recruited. In it, players are grouped into teams and, with different specializations, must evolve by defeating rival participants.

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These 20 players selected for the study were divided into two groups. The former spent the 15 minutes before the game reading, sitting. The second spent those 15 minutes doing a high-intensity workout. Then they were allowed to play.

Analyzing the performance of 20 players, the researchers realized that those who had exercised before the game performed much better, eliminating more opponents, in fewer attempts.

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Of course, given the sample of participants and the fact that performance was only analyzed during a single game, this study is not representative. Therefore, the researchers suggested, at that time, to conduct new research, on a larger scale, and to involve different games. At this time, the investigation has not continued.

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