William and Kate’s plans to ensure younger children don’t suffer like uncle Harry

Kate and William with their children George, Louis and Charlotte

In his autobiography, In the shadowthe prince torture he spoke, among other things, of how he had always felt like a “substitute” since he was the youngest son of the then Prince of Wales and was therefore not destined to be King of England.

“Backup” – the title chosen for his book in the English edition – actually means ‘spare’, a term by which, according to him, the Duke of Sussex referred to the British royal family, so Harry always felt there was a great difference in treatment between him and his elder brother, the prince William, who is now Prince of Wales. In the book, Harry also says that he would especially like to protect his nephews Charlotte and LouisWhy “At least one of them will finish” like him “be the backup.” “It hurts and worries me”he stated.

However, the Princes of Wales seem to be trying to ensure that history does not repeat itself with their children. Seven-year-old Princess Charlotte is Prince William and Kate’s second child and therefore sister to second-in-line to the British throne, Prince George, who will be king after his father. The princess occupies third place, the same place Harry has been for most of his life, but the parents have “all planned” to make your situation different.

The claims come from the royal expert Katie Nicholl on the podcast Dynastywhere it indicates that “Nobody wants the next generation to suffer like Harry”. “George, Charlotte and Louis are enjoying a different childhood than William and Harry and I think William and Kate are channeling their efforts so that their children understand who they are as royals, but just as the simple children, adds Nicole. One of the actions taken by the Princes of Wales to avoid sharp differences between their children was the decision not to enroll them in Wetherby School, an exclusive all-boys school.

The three brothers are enrolled in the same educational institution, Lambrook School, in which, on the first day of classes, they arrived together, hand in hand with their parents, without any distinction between them. Also, while they are still just kids, William and Kate try to keep their children out of the public eye. Even so, when they appear at public events – as was the case at the Queen’s Jubilee Elizabeth IIin June 2022 – neither assumes a more prominent role compared to the other two.

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