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Yannick Bolasier is 33 years old and linked to Rizespor. He played for Sporting in 2019/20, on loan from Everton, and seems to not forget Albalade’s emblem. But not for the best reasons. In a ‘live’ Tik Tok, the player was irascible and heavily criticized the Lions: ‘I enjoyed the experience on the pitch, it was a shame off the pitch. The fans are calm but everything off the pitch is a shame great Portuguese club and still has problems.”

Bolasie didn’t seem to enjoy the experience at all and, in fact, the Sporting fans didn’t like what they saw him do in Portugal either. Let us then recall the heritage in the Alvalade category.

One of the assets that Sporting started in the summer of 2019 was the striker who arrived on loan from Everton. SAD felt it would be positive to inject experience in the attacking sector and, in a business opportunity, secured the player’s loan for a season, with an option to buy the pass for €4.5 million.

Bureaucracies aside, we have to say that the player’s words were encouraging: “I can’t explain what I’m feeling right now, I can only say that it’s a fantastic feeling because I know that some of the best players in the world trained in this society”. The new number 89 for the Lions, flattered: “For me it’s an honor to wear this shirt. I never imagined that my career would follow in Portugal, especially at Sporting, which is a club full of history. I know the club is going through a transition period, but I can assure you that I am happy and I can’t wait to get on the pitch.”

The player was in the service of the English club Everton

The special moments were not long in coming and, although it may seem unlikely after looking at the range of clubs he has represented, the Congolese made his European debut in a match against PSV Eindhoven, a night in which he played the full 90 minutes and finished with 3. – 1 of the Portuguese team.

It was precisely in Europe that the winger scored his first goal for Sporting. It happened in the 69th minute of the meeting with Rosenborg, in Alvalade, and it really deserved the three points: Vietto crossed, Bolasier headed in and, having changed trajectory after touching an opponent and still scraping the goalkeeper’s glove, the ball really ended. for entry.

He celebrated another goal in the fourth round of the league, against Santa Clara. And, shall we say, in another curious move, after a cross, the loanee scored again with a head, or should we say… with the head, because the number 89 was practically with his back to the goal. .

Bolasie has not yet forgotten his visit to Alvalade

A career that needs a catapult

What is certain is that Sporting did not use the purchase option and ‘Bola’ ended up returning to England. Ancelotti made it clear that he was a card out of the pack at Everton and it was clear that, once again, he had to go elsewhere.

Therefore, in this first half of the season, he theoretically represented Liverpool’s emblem. But only in theory, because in practice he never got on the field again. In the second half… he went to Middlesbrough, from the Championship. He scored 3 goals in 15 games and little else, as he was more relevant in the way he helped acquire a strike partner – Sporar.

Bolasie was coached by Neil Warnock at Crystal Palace and revealed to Middlesbrough fans that the then Boro boss asked him for reports on Sporar, a Slovenian striker who was at Sporting.

“He texted me a few days ago… [O Sporar] He’s a great striker, with first-class movement and quality to finish in the area,” the footballer told Boropolis, adding: “They’re signing a striker with genuine European pedigree who just needs to get opportunities.”

Bolasie alongside the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo

It started well but… derailed

Despite being born in France, the striker is an international for the Democratic Republic of Congo, scoring 42 matches and scoring nine goals for his national team.

At club level, Bolasie spent almost his entire professional career in England, where he started at middling clubs, with a brief stint in Maltese football. He arrived at Crystal Palace and with the shirt of the London club he started to stand out.

In the summer of 2016, given his income, Everton did not hesitate to invest 30 million euros to buy his pass. In Liverpool, however, the footballer never took over the title and with the arrival of Portuguese coach Marco Silva, he was the target of successive loans.

He first went to Birmingham, where he represented Aston Villa and scored two goals in 21 games, and then moved to Belgium to play for Anderlecht, a team for which he contributed six goals in 17 games. It then passed through Alvalade and Middlesbrough, before landing in Turkey.

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