March 29, 2023

While the DLC isn’t arriving, modders are creating an unofficial expansion for the Elden Ring

The current expectation of soul-like fans is centered on the Elden Ring DLC. While we have no idea when it will arrive, the modding community continues to do their best to bring more content to FromSoftware’s game. Titled “Unofficial Expansion”, the new mod promises to offer a lot of extra content with new weapons, armor, maps and more.

The trailer below summarizes what Elden Ring PC players will be able to experience in this unofficial expansion of the game. The mod even features elements from Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne.

Elden Ring Mod Highlights – Unofficial expansion

  • 50 new weapons
  • 30 pieces of armor
  • 17 new classes
  • Ashes of War unlocked
  • Improved life refill bottles
  • Larger FOV outside of combat
  • Two new maps (Bononia, City of The Porch, via Divine Tower from Liurnia, and Tarneria, Hegemon Town, via Divine Tower from East Altus)
  • Two changed maps (Limgrave’s Divine Tower and Ashen Capital)
  • custom call
  • Leveling curve change (HP, stamina, FP, equipment weight, resistances, all defenses level up slightly differently)
  • The life bar scales for higher HP, so late game the bar will be smaller than usual
  • Fastest map runner
  • Faster redirect time
  • New merchants (in Roundtable Hold), one for upgrading flasks, one for some sword arts, and one that sells all spells, sword arts, and ashes
  • Changed “Craftables”: All my new gear is available to progress the game without wasting time
  • Longer lasting weapon buff
  • Increased the effectiveness of various talismans
  • Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing is now an item that boosts stance, but lowers defense, stamina recovery, and attack. Unlimited, can be created
  • Armor and weapons have special effects, check their descriptions to learn more
  • I must have changed Goldmask’s dialogue
  • Additional Grace locations
  • Torrent (horse) faster
  • hematogenous dash
  • Selective game progression
  • Additional sub-items (available from unknown merchants)

Although the Elden Ring mod is already available on Nexusmods, the person responsible for it says that he still considers it an “early access, unrefined and unfinished” project. It says it “plans to expand and improve” this unofficial extension with future updates.


Even though he is killed by the players, he reappears in the game to give the next instructions.

Via: PCGamesN

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