When depression smiles

Understand what it is and how to avoid smiling depression

In the field of psychology, there is something known as “smiling depression.” The depressed person has an appearance of normality, even happiness, as they experience the symptoms of depression only within themselves. He does not express them, but tries to hide the disease anyway.

In this way depression becomes almost imperceptible to all but the sufferer. It becomes, every day, another burden, a pain.

But why does the person hide their depression if it is something so painful?

Well, the causes are varied, but, in general, smiling amounts to a defense mechanism, meaning the subject wears a mask to hide their sadness and pain. In general, people who tend to hide (even unconsciously) have the following characteristics:

– Shame and/or feelings of helplessness if you show your vulnerabilities.

– They can’t tell themselves they need help because something is out of their normal range.

– They do not want to worry those around them and therefore suffer alone.

– They have been forced by life, in a way, to be “strong” all the time and therefore find it difficult to ask for help.

Smiling depression is mainly present in people:

– Introverts, who tend to keep their problems or find it difficult to talk about their feelings.

– Perfectionists, who demand a lot from themselves and believe they cannot fail in any area of ​​life.

– Overresponsible, who believe they carry the world on their shoulders and think that if they were to collapse, a catastrophe of epic proportions would occur.

So if you’ve had the chance to read this article and know someone who is trying to hide their depression behind a smile, encourage them to face the pain and get help.

Be human, fearlessly share your vulnerability with those in need. This way you will be able to connect emotionally with each other. And when the other person identifies with your vulnerabilities, they are very likely to bring you their own difficulties.

It is possible to bring light to another’s darkness. It is possible to help him so that the other person smiles in a real way again. For the other to smile again because he found the true meaning of life. Because he found grace in life and because he understood that the dark night has come, but it will pass.

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