What if mental illnesses were monsters? AI SHOCK with response

In the 21st century, there are thousands of people facing their own personal examples. Currently, most people suffer from worry or depression, making mental illness far more common than any of us can imagine.

This is a popular topic in research, which seeks to study the number of people experiencing these growing emotional problems. TV shows, interviews, social media posts and podcasts end up covering this topic.

Recently, the TV show Big Brother Brasil featured a contestant named Bruno Gaga who hit the quit button claiming he could no longer support the stress he was feeling.

Another participant, the fighter known as “Cara de Sapato”, constantly experiences anxiety attacks on the show. With these situations so recent and clear, the topic has become more present in discussions, news and websites.

Internal conflicts are like “monsters”

People who suffer from anxiety or other emotional and psychological problems see these conflicts as monsters to overcome. These “monsters” disrupt the lives and daily lives of those who experience the condition. Some of the most common disorders are anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, bipolar disorder and many others.

The trend is for mental disorders to touch more and more people, and the number of patients experiencing emotional problems will only increase in the coming years.

As this is a popular topic among social networking topics, it is not unusual to find various ways of approaching the topic. One was the sharing of AI-generated illustrations showing what emotional and mental disorders would look like if they were monsters.

The images were shared on TikTok and attracted a lot of attention. Check the result below:

Artificial intelligence shows what mental illnesses would look like if they were monsters


What did they look like? Midjourney’s new v4 is insane, the level of detail and effects are on another level. So he represented different psychological disorders like monsters – – #midjourney #artistaartificial #aiart #trastornosmentales #psicologia #ansiedad

♬ Little Dark Age – MGMT

Some of the disorders featured in the video are: PTSD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, and bipolar disorder.

The result of the illustration surprised many and generated more than 100 comments from people who also suffer from the problems shown in the video, which has already amassed 34.8 million views.

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