March 29, 2023

“Wedges”? Clerks of the registry and notaries question Nelson Évora

The Association of Registers and Notaries today challenged Nelson Évora to denounce “wedges” in the acquisition of Portuguese citizenship, considering that his statements on the naturalization of Pedro Pichardo raised suspicions throughout the professional class.

“The statements are patently unfortunate and unfounded as they cast a cloak of suspicion over an entire professional class that is impervious to wedges, favors or any other situations of dubious legitimacy,” STRN said in a statement.

The union structure specifies “that the granting of Portuguese citizenship can be attributed through different legal grounds (corresponding to different facts to be documented)“, and adds: “As far as we know, the processing of the procedures of the two athletes is completely different, as they are based on different situations.”

Therefore, the association leaves an appeal to Nelson Évora, triple jump Olympic champion at the 2008 Beijing Games:If you know of any case that does not fit the aforementioned action, you should report it to the competent authorities, as such a situation, if true, would be completely unacceptable if exercised by those responsible for the essential and fundamental duty of guaranteeing legal certainty“.

Nelson Évora said on Sunday, in an interview with Observador radio, that Pichardo had been bought, further questioning the speed of his naturalization process, as opposed to his own.

After the interview with Évora, 38, Pichardo, the current Olympic, world and European champion, accused him through his official Instagram page of disrespecting him.

Meanwhile, Nelson Évora took to social networks to say he was “misinterpreted”, clarifying: “What I wanted to emphasize on the issue of nationalities is that all athletes, under the same conditions, deserve the same equal opportunities to represent the Portugal”.

STRN takes advantage of the criticism of Nélson Évora’s statements considering that “the delays faced by citizens who intend to obtain Portuguese citizenship are unacceptable” and guarantees that “they are mainly due to the lack of human resources”.

“We are reminded that 234 Conservators and 1,522 Officials are missing and that over the next five years 70% of staff will retire,” said the announcement, which calls on the government to quickly open tenders for external recruitment of Register Conservators and Registers. Officers.

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