Wear underwear on the street? Yes, ‘but make it chic’!

The title may even seem a bit exaggerated, but with some framing, using the so-called underwear like pieces of outerwear, it makes perfect sense when the new trend for this season is defined by casual comfort. And if it is a Look full Bottega Veneta, even better. I remember: make it chic!

Fashion seems to tell us once again that it is always in line with the world and society. And, in this case, it comes with a certain degree of sensitivity. “Casual Comfort”, a new trend as highlighted in an article by Vogue UK, is the return to more comfortable, neutral, in a way even simple clothes, after a certain post-pandemic fascination with excesses such as the Y2K or Barbiecore aesthetic . . And it is the reflection of an economy in freefall, the so-called “Core of Recession”, a term that has already invaded the internet and which boils down to this, fashion brings comfort, prosperity, responds to an unstable collective consciousness, still, chic. After all, fashion is always fashion.

One of the first signs was the Look by Kate Moss at the Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2023 show, in which she appears in a plaid shirt and jeans. The brand’s creative director Matthieu Blazy explained at the time: “It’s a kind of casual comfort that we’ve taken to the extreme.” In the same season, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons presented the “Touch of Crude” collection, raw and impulsive, with torn pieces, exposed underwear, creases in fabrics, which they defined as “traces of life”, loosely translated, whatever. such as “Traces of Life”.

Then there are the pockets of the Miu Miu collection, which goes with everything, or almost everything, simplifying our lives as much as possible, the “throw-on-and-go” dresses, which are just so simple and denim integral to XXL version, which has everything to be comfortable.

Isn’t it interesting as a trend? Yes. And no. Or we leave the decision up to you. But it is important to remember that we are talking about the fashion industry and there is clearly an aesthetic, albeit a silent one, in this casual comfort that the big brands present us. There isn’t a crease in a Prada piece that hasn’t been thought out in detail, even a simple dress that literally slides over your head. plan and, let’s face it, only go out on the road pantyhose and shorts or briefs (we’re still trying to figure it out), as Bottega Veneta suggests, aren’t for everyone.

We’re comfortable with that “Casual Comfort” but it really only seems to work when we make it really dressy.

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