March 28, 2023

We reveal the 1970s fashion trends for Daisy Jones & The Six – Capricho

Inspired by one of the books best seller by the author Taylor Jenkins Reidthe line Daisy Jones & The Six came to the list Prime Video not too long ago – and it has already become the current favourite! And not only the story and the songs won those who watched, but also the looks, with great inspirations from 1970s. Let’s break down the main trends in this suit shall we? Come with us!

The person responsible for the suit Daisy Jones & The Six is Denise Wingate. Like this Taylor Jenkins Reid used references from the 70s and the band Fleetwood Mad to write the book of the same name, Denise exploited the same codes to idealize clothes.

Great coats, crochet tops, high-waisted trousers and short shorts with knee-high boots are the staples of the production. In an interview with the American website Page sixDenise revealed that she believes in the success of these appearances music festivals This year. Write this prediction already!

flare pants

Without a doubt, the flare pants are one of the biggest fashion references from the 70s. For this it could not be missing from the visual composition and appeared with a super high waist and in several washes Jeans.

Check out Daisy Jones’ flared jeans (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Red Daisy Jones & The Six Pants (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)


You great coats and heavily stole the scenes too, see? They stood out in several performances, including some that were not planned but ended up being necessary due to the cold during the recordings.

Daisy Jones and The Six Coat Show (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Look in a Daisy Jones coat (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Daisy Jones style fur coat (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Warren Coat Look in Daisy Jones and The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Camila and Daisy Jones Coat Show (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)


The boots showed shoe preferred not only by Daisy Jones, but also by other characters in the series. It appeared in versions with very high tops, in the country silhouette and in neutral tones such as beige. What would you say?

Look in Boots Daisy Jones & The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Look in Boots Daisy Jones & The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)


Vests had the power to transform and leave any look with a vintage touch. They appeared with fur but also in simpler models with lace. You could see that Warren, the drummer, is one of the most stylish in the band, right? The costume designer joked that she doesn’t think any man would look as good in these outfits as he does! Hahaha <3

Daisy Jones and The Six Rhodes Vest Look (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Daisy Jones Vest Look (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Look in fur vest Daisy Jones and The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)


As for accessories, zones they perfectly represented the codes of the hippie movement of the 70s. From the basics to models with psychedelic and exuberant buckles, which were and still are a craze among fashionistas. What do you think;

Belted Looks in Daisy Jones & The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Belted Karen Look in Daisy Jones & The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Daisy look with silver belt (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)
Belted Looks in Daisy Jones and The Six (Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/Playback)

So, which trend of the series is your favorite?

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