March 29, 2023

We need to stop and think before we use technology to trap CO2 in the ocean | Climate

The oceans contain 50 times more carbon despite the atmosphere, they act as a thermostat for the planet. The ability to use technology to increase this capacity to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) is at the heart of the many ideas driving the development of Ocean Based Climate Interventions (OCBI) technologies. An international team of scientists, including two Portuguese, publishes this Friday in the journal Science a call for reflection on the potential impacts of these technologies on deep-sea ecosystems.

“We are not against the OBCI, we want it to be reflected in an organized way, based on scientific knowledge and that the whole process is transparent in relation to its possible effects,” they told PÚBLICO, from e-mailAna Colaço, from the Institute for Research in Marine Sciences – Okeanos, at the University of the Azores, and Nélia Mestre, from the Center for Marine and Environmental Research at the University of the Algarve, two of the authors of the article in Science.

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