Vodafone Portugal: we pay more for 1GB than 50GB in Spain

The telecommunications market in Portugal forms a reality that is different from European standards, or on a scale closer and easier to compare, than that observed in Spain.

That said, it’s not surprising that we found surprising discrepancies between the prices charged by Vodafone Portugal and for Vodafone Spain.

Our country has prices considerably higher than the European average for various products and services provided by the main providers such as MEO, NOS and Vodafone Portugal.

1GB of data in Portugal costs over 50GB in Spain on Vodafone

Therefore, when we were alerted to the fact that 1GB in Portugal is more expensive – objectively – from 50 GB in SpainI’d be lying if I was surprised by such a statement.

The issue was recently raised on the social network Twitter where exposed, side by side, the prices applied to the Iberian Peninsula. The question is simple, why is 1GB of mobile data more expensive in Portugal than 50GB in Spain?

The allegations are bold, but they are sure to match the truth. The issue is the prices applied for similar services or literally identical for individuals.

Otherwise, let’s see.

Vodafone Spain
Prices charged by Vodafone in Spain.

This is the reality applied in the neighboring country of Spain.

On the contrary, in our country we have a more expensive and less advantageous offer of communication services.

Vodafone Spain
Prices charged by Vodafone in Spain.

Spain and Portugal with different prices and conditions at Vodafone

Let’s now look at the prices, for equivalent services, applied in Portugal:

Vodafone Portugal
Prices currently charged by Vodafone in Portugal.

Although the operator attributes this difference to the characteristics of each market, this does not negate the objective fact that the discrepancies in values ​​and conditions are obviously striking.

Vodafone Portugal
Prices currently charged by Vodafone in Portugal.

Incidentally, in statements to Notícias ao Minuto, the national body has already responded to these comparisons:

Each one of 20 countries where Vodafone operates directly has its own characteristics, which affect the determination of prices to its national customers, i.e. those resulting from External factors and the scale of each operator/country.”

“It should also be noted that the Offers are dynamic and complex Therefore, price comparisons between markets require a rigorous analysis – i.e. to exclude temporary price depressors, to evaluate all the characteristics of the tariffs, their representativeness in the market in question, among others.’

Economies of scale among the justifications claimed by Vodafone Portugal

In response to the aforementioned publication, the operator pointed out, in an apparently vague response, a particularly important factor, economy of scale. Since the national market is significantly smaller than that of Spain, the cost shared by Portuguese consumers is higher.

Even so, and despite the recognition of the validity of such practical justification, the discrepancy is surely enormous. Even worse, if Vodafone served as a case study here, on other national carriers the prices are the same, if not equal.

1GB of data in Portugal costs 45% more than the European average in 2020

Telecom prices in Portugal were 45% above the European average. These were the conclusions highlighted in the “Worldwide mobile data pricing 2020” study, released at the time by ANACOM.

Surprise yourself, as it is more expensive than in Portugal only in Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic and Hungary.

In short, this is one of the areas in which the national consumer effectively and objectively loses compared to the other values ​​practiced in the European Community. We lack market competitiveness.

It is therefore urgent for ANACOM to exercise its authority as a national regulatory authority, with the European Union also having supranational oversight.

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