Vitinia leaves Braga and joins Marseilles

The announcement was made this Tuesday, the last day of the January transfer window

Vitinia is officially a Marseille player, who was transferred from Braga in exchange for 32 million euros, of which 25 million euros correspond to the fixed fee. The rest are bonuses, “however, the payment of the minimum amount of €7,000,000.00 (seven million euros) is also guaranteed in this capacity if, on September 30, 2026, the conditions inherent in the bonuses have not yet been verified . “, says the SAD announcement.

Vitinia arrives at the Ligue 1 club after a first-round spell in which he stood out at the Braga side after making a name for himself last season. He will be Marseille’s number 9.


SPORTING CLUBE DE BRAGA – FUTEBOL, SAD, subject to its terms and for its purposes
fulfillment of the information obligation arising from the provisions of article 29-IZ of the Code
Securities, inform the market that it has come to an agreement with OLYMPIQUE DE
MARSEILLE SASP for the permanent transfer of the player VITOR MANUEL CARVALHO
DE OLIVEIRA (“Vitinha”), against the amount of €32,000,000.00 (thirty-two million euros), from
corresponding to the fixed sum of €25,000,000.00 (twenty-five million euros) and the remainder
to the maximum amount to be paid as conditional sums (bonus), however, it is also
guaranteed the payment of the minimum amount of €7,000,000.00 (seven million euros) in this case
as of September 30, 2026 the terms inherent in the bonuses have not yet been verified.
The consideration for SPORTING CLUBE DE BRAGA – FUTEBOL is added to the above amount,
EDE corresponding to 10% of the goodwill in future transfer (Sale on commission 10% on
amount in excess of the amounts paid by OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE SASP to SPORTING
Finally, SPORTING CLUBE DE BRAGA – FUTEBOL, SAD also guaranteed the right
repurchase of rights to the player for the amount of €60,000,000.00 (sixty million euros)
plus 10% of goodwill on future transfer.
The solidarity mechanism due to third-party clubs is added to the aforementioned amount and is their responsibility
The transfer of the player implies to SPORTING CLUBE DE BRAGA – FUTEBOL, SAD
fees for mediation services in the amount of 05% (five percent) of the value of
transfer excluding the solidarity mechanism’.

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