Vera Wang launches a collection of bridesmaids. “These aren’t dresses we’ll want to throw away or hide in the back of the closet” – Trends

A quick Zoom call is all it takes to understand his passion Vera Wang for their creations. An inescapable name in the fashion industry – He has dressed everything from Michelle Obama to Victoria Beckham, from Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey – he immediately lightens the formality of the conversation by admitting that he has never been to Lisbon, but that the city is his bucket list. At 73, she is world-renowned for her iconic wedding dress and the hair clothes that celebrities wear and with which they dazzle on the red carpet. was its editor fashion for 17 years, until 1987, the year he left the magazine to join Ralph Lauren. However, she only decided to go into design while preparing her own wedding ceremony: she was 40 years old when she opened her own bridal boutique, turning the bridal industry on its head. The beginning of a new stage of success, which today includes sewingaccessories, household items and collections low cost, in collaboration with Pronovias.

We spoke to the designer about the launch of new pieces dedicated to bridesmaids and guests, from the brand Vera Wang Bride, available soon.

Vera took inspiration from New York for the new collection and the result is 54 sensual, vibrant and timeless looks. How did the whole creative process unfold?

They are beautiful and timeless dresses. The quality, cut and fabrics are very much in line with modern sportswear and nightwear. I think what makes this collection extremely different is that no one thinks of bridesmaids in that context. I tried to bring one pulse more modern, bolder, cooler, sexier and fun than what had become enough role model regarding wedding dresses. I think bright colors and neon play a big part in this, as well as silhouettes that show a bit of leg, with the shoulders showing and the back worked. They are not pieces that we will want to throw away or hide in the back of the closet, and this was my chance to shake up that old market and concept.

Who do you imagine using your creations?

Both collections are incredibly important in terms of diversity. They are designed for short, tall or short girls. There is definitely something for everyone. [Elas] they can feel my design intent, but they can also find a silhouette that flatters them.

What do you think of fashion in Portugal?

I have to be honest. I don’t know much about Portuguese designers but if Portugal has the same youthful energy, desire and passion for fashion [que Nova Iorque], I’m sure it’s on par with other countries. And I don’t just mean Milan or London, but also Germany, Sweden, South America, Australia or Asia. But I would like to go to Lisbon, because I heard great things about the city. It’s the new hot spots around the world, I heard. It’s on my wish list.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when designing the pieces?

I don’t think it was difficult in that sense. The most difficult part of working with Pronovias is producing them in large quantities. When you’re creating things that need to be rebuilt, shaped/patterned, and sized, scaled that all translates into a huge amount of work, with some modifications required.

What continues to motivate you after so many years in your career?

Creativity takes a lot of work. One of my biggest frustrations is having too many posts. There are many, but the most disturbing (and confusing) is that, to be a designer, you need freedom. Your brain and your spirit must be free. And you have to be calm. I can’t go a morning without answering 30 emails. So maybe this is my biggest disappointment. Not whether or not I want to continue painting.

It is a job that requires a lot from the person…

I know what goes on in the fashion industry and not from a superficial point of view. I know what it takes to make clothes and their materials. I believe the knowledge and experience I have gained over 55 years is irreplaceable and I love the fact that I can still use that muscle. But do I have enough time to devote to design? No one has, and I speak for my colleagues as well. Even with teams, there is a leader who must be creative and who is tasked with meeting diversity, retail, and values ​​needs. The designer’s profession is complicated.

Where do you run when you feel that frustration?

I don’t go anywhere, I take a pen and pad and think. I “leave” inside myself.

The dresses of this new collection will be available in all Pronovias & Nicole Milano stores.

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