Users dispute prices in Portugal and Spain. vodafone explains itself

NoIn recent days, several posts have appeared on social networks comparing the prices charged by Vodafone in Portugal and Spain. These shares have caused controversy as they show that Spanish customers are allegedly getting better conditions for a lower price. However, Vodafone explained to News in a minute that each country where it operates has “its own characteristics”, which affect prices.

“Each of the 20 countries in which Vodafone operates directly has its own characteristics, which affect the setting of prices to its national customers, namely those resulting from external factors and the scale of each operator/country”, said an official Vodafone source on News in a minute.

In one of the examples circulating on social networks, a user asks: “Why is it 1 GB [Gigabyte] Is mobile data more expensive than 50GB in Spain?’

Faced with this example, an official source from Vodafone Portugal said to News in a minute that “if the comparison concerns all the markets where Vodafone is present or even in the case where it is limited to the European area, it is easily possible to find a conclusion different from that which is selectively and proactively stated in this example” .

“It should also be noted that the Offers are dynamic and complex, so price comparisons between markets require rigorous analysis – i.e. excluding temporary price reduction factors, evaluating all the characteristics of the tariffs, their representativeness in the market in question, among other things,” said the same source.

Vodafone prices in Portugal increased at the beginning of March. The telecommunications provider justified, at the time, that “the update was calculated based on the inflation rate, based on the Consumer Price Index for the year 2022 and published annually by the National Institute of Statistics.”

He added that the “The telecommunications sector has been strongly affected by the current macroeconomic and geopolitical context, which has resulted in significant increases in energy and raw material prices“, which “combined with the rise in the rate of inflation, results in significant increases in operating costs and the maintenance and management of the support network to deliver our services.”

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