Two defeats in two days. The deaths that shocked João Rôlo, the stylist of the famous – Nacional

Joao Rollo he remembered one of the biggest dramas he experienced he has to say goodbye to mom and dad in just two daysfive years ago.

The famous stylist told the details of his death mother, Maria Candida, on February 7, 2018, aged 88. “My mother started to have the beginnings of dementia, she had a lack of oxygen to her brain, they had nurses at home. My father had the usual ailments for an 88 year old, he was fine, he was driving, everything. My mother started to have this place. Sometimes I had to go to the hospital to get oxygen for a day and come home. Until there was a time when I stayed four days and did not come again. It is obvious that a person is always waiting. There is a spiritual part of me that deals with this part very well,” he began to say inside. interview with Julia Pinheiro this Tuesday the 31st.

But the biggest surprise came two days later, with the father, José Moreira. “My dad didn’t want to go to the wake, he didn’t want to go to the funeral, he was a bit cold so he stuck there saying, ‘I’m scared, the churches are cold.’ he was in complete denial. After waking up, we went out and went to his house for dinner, to be with him in the afternoon. I had to go to the studio because I had commitments and, in the evening, I was coming home when My brother called to say: “João, dad just died,” he said. “He had sent a message [antes a dizer] that the father was feeling bad, the nurses were already taking him to the hospital […] I was not told that half way through the journey INEM had to intervene because things started to get worse and once he got to the hospital he died immediately after a few minutes. That’s really not what a person expects,” he said.

Joao Rollo with his parents
Photo: Cofina Media

On the day of my mother’s burial! It is horrible because it is already a day when we are extremely fragile, we need affection. The first people who came to my house to support me […] I got the news when I received it, that my father had just died. There was a family arriving in Porto and returning,” he said.

For the stylist there is no doubt: “Soul mates always end up dying together.” “My father was not sick, he died of heartache,” she guaranteed.

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