March 29, 2023

Tourism in Portugal has never been so expensive. Accommodation prices are skyrocketing in Alentejo and the islands

Fewer tourists, higher prices and more revenue. In short, this is the trio that depicts the year 2022 in national tourism, the best ever for the coffers of the sector. Portugal is shedding its reputation as a cheap destination and the preliminary figures published yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) prove it.

Last year, national tourist accommodation added a record five billion euros to total income, which in addition to accommodation represents other costs associated with the stay of tourists, such as restaurants, laundries, tobacconists or communications.

This amount exceeded the final accounts for 2019 by 16.5% (4.3 billion euros), which until now was considered the best year for tourism in the country. Analyzing only the revenue from overnight stays in Portugal, it is also concluded that there was a 17.7% increase in revenue from accommodation, which totaled €3.8 billion.

And that record total came with fewer tourists, meaning each visitor paid more to stay overnight in the country. Between January and December 2022, the number of visitors to Portugal, 26.5 million, was still 2.3% below the pre-pandemic level, and so was the number of overnight stays, 69.5 million (-0, 9%). But even though fewer tourists entered the country, everyone spent more money. Proof was the fact that the income from tourist accommodation for 2019 was already exceeded in October, reaching 4.5 billion euros.

Prices soar in Alentejo and the islands
After the two-year interregnum that limited tourism activity due to the pandemic’s brake on the industry, strong demand was felt at the end of the first quarter of 2022 and boosted prices across the country, which, on average, rose by 14 %. . But it was the autonomous regions that stood out the most in advancing tariffs for the various types of accommodation.

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