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This Wednesday (15) the controversy of its D Group begins ESL Pro League Season 17which is formed by Team Liquid, rare person, ATK, ENCE, Team Spirit, astralis, FORCE is natus vincere. Only four teams qualify for the playoffs of the competition.

Thinking about it, the PLAN 5 highlighted three players from this group who can surprise or give opponents a lot of problems. It’s worth remembering that to keep up to date with everything happening in the tournament, be sure to access our leagues page.

Christian “booze” Andersen

contract from astralis next to MASONIC late last year, Christian “buzzAndersen arrived at the team as one of the hopes to bring the Danish outfit back to the top of the world stage. Without feeling the weight of the shirt, the 20-year-old performed well.

Since arriving at Astralis, Christian has participated in three championships with the team. In the first of these, the BLAST Premier Spring 2023anxiety and pressure overwhelmed the player, who first appeared with barely 0.82 assessment.

Despite this, the athlete’s nervousness gradually disappeared, and today Buzz is one of the most stable players on the team. In the CCT Northern Europe Series 3 and in the closed classification for its European RMR Paris Major 2023Christian finished with 1.16 is 1.20 rating respectively.

With his rifles in hand, Buzz helps Astralis back to his feet. If his last two championships are taken as a benchmark, the player can certainly help the Danish team go far in the 17th season of the ESL Pro League.

Photo: Disclosure/BLAST PremierPhoto: Disclosure/BLAST Premier

Michael “Swisher” Schmid

Michael’s recent appearance”Swisher“Schmidt, his player ATK Esports, it wasn’t the best. Of the last five championships contested by the team, the North American has finished three with assessment negative.

However, Michael has shown himself to be a very aggressive and capable player in recent months and has undoubtedly been one of ATK’s top names in the recent past. In the last year, for example, the athlete was positive in nine consecutive championships.

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In the prime of his career at the age of 24, Swisher has been on the competitive scene for four years and is producing more and more. Considering his recovery and his contribution to ATK’s passage to the knockout stage, the athlete can make a surprise appearance in the ESL Pro League Season 17.

Photo: ESLPhoto: ESL

Yang “JamYoung” Yi

In the Asia region, the rare person he dominated all his opponents and captured all possible positions in the international championships. The success of the Chinese team goes a long way to Yang”jamyoung“Hey, 21-year-old young player.

With an excellent recent performance, the Chinese helped his team qualify for the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2023in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023 Europe and for Paris Major 2023 Asian RMR.

In those last three championships, Young finished them all with a positive rating, reaching 1.51 in the closed qualifiers for Asia RMR. Additionally, in the ESL Melbourne and BLAST premier qualifiers, the Chinese closed out the tournaments with 1.14 is 1.26 rating respectively.

Traditionally known for a very aggressive playing style, the Chinese are very well represented by JamYoung. With a lot of skill, courage and most of all aggression, the athlete can help Rare Atom a lot in their playoffs ESL Pro League Season 17.

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