March 29, 2023

These rappers make Porto’s metro a scene while dreaming of Hard Club | Port

It is with a speaker in one hand and a cap in the other that John Carlos begins another day at work. It’s almost 10:30 and there are three minutes left for the metro to reach Jardim do Morro station in Gaia. While the Brazilian artist steps away to have a few minutes of silence, Flizzi (Flávio da Costa) and Rickas (Pedro Riquito), the other two members of the Coletivo dos Trilhos Para o Mundo, step aside and let him concentrate.

for everything gifts/ Have a nice trip / First permission/ to reach the carriage“, begins Yannis, as soon as he enters the metro to Porto. Hard to start, some take off the look of the mobile trying to understand the origin of the device and others leaving conversations in the middle to listen to the rhymes of the group advancing through the various carriages.

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