March 29, 2023

The Volkswagen ID.2all, or car for everyone, arrives in 2026 with less than 25 thousand euros | Cars

New sense which will be at the base of the ID.2 was revealed, this Wednesday night, after having rejected the prototype that looked like crossover which Volkswagen brought to Munich in 2021 under the ID.Life brand. With a range of up to 450 kilometers, the upcoming ID.2 promises to be as spacious as a Golf, as cheap as a Polo. The table still has the ability to display the name ID.Golf.

During Volkswagen’s annual press conference on Tuesday, the brand’s CEO, Thomas Schäfer, confirmed the name of sense: ID.2all, a pun on the expression “for all”, a kind of back to basics (after all, Volkswagen means “people’s car”) creating a model aimed at reaching the mass market.

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