March 29, 2023

The trick to buy the cheapest flights and save hundreds of euros

Pack your bags, get your passport and go. This was one of the most lost routines during the pandemic years and which justified the rapid recovery of tourism in 2022. Once the borders were opened, the race for travel took off around the world.

Despite high demand from passengers, last year was also a year of challenges for airlines. Inflation and rising jet fuel prices, which have soared with the armed conflict in Ukraine, have led airlines to increase fares, mainly through fuel surcharges. But even though the prices for a flight getaway are more expensive, it is possible to save money with little tricks and get a better deal. Having flexible dates or choosing the right search engines are some of them. See some of the advice given by the experts of the British magazine Condé Nast Traveler.


It is the key to the success of low prices when the conversation is about air travel. Whether it’s the dates or the destination, the secret is to look around. For example, through the Skyscanner website you can have an overview of the month you plan to travel and adjust your departure and return dates according to the tariffs. Often, the difference between going a day before or after the scheduled date can mean savings of hundreds of euros. If you don’t know where to go, in Skyscanner it is also possible to search “everywhere” and see the destinations that are cheaper in a certain time period.

search individually

Even if you’re looking for a trip for the whole family, it’s cheaper to do the research and buy each flight separately, as automated fare systems only look for seats with the exact same price, which can drive up the price.

Timing is everything

That’s not guaranteed to always be the case, but, according to Condé Nast Traveler, betting on last-minute travel can pay off. The British magazine ensures that the ideal time to venture into this option is three weeks before the planned trip. As the flight date approaches, airlines tend to lower the price to fill the plane.

Beware of baggage fees

Many airlines charge baggage fees and set limits on the number and size of bags you can carry. If baggage is not included, do the math first and see if the price you found is actually worth it after adding baggage. This extra can cause you to miss out on a good deal.

Take advantage of business class offers

“Post-pandemic business travel is recovering more slowly than leisure travel – which could mean prime opportunities to grab seats at the front of the plane,” explains the British magazine. So if you’ve always dreamed of discovering the wonders of business class, sipping a glass of sparkling wine and taking advantage of the extra legroom, this could be a good time to look for an opportunity and venture beyond the curtain . separates luxury economy class. Asking the airline for an upgrade if business class is empty is another piece of advice in the post. After all, trying doesn’t hurt.

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