March 29, 2023

The sale of petrol and diesel cars is banned from 2035

Goodbye combustion vehicles

The European Parliament has approved a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035

The European Parliament today approved the law that will ban the sale of vehicles powered exclusively by petrol and diesel by 2035promoting the use of electric and hybrid cars.

The sale of internal combustion cars in the European Union is prohibited from 2035

Today, the European Parliament passed the law banning the sale of exclusively petrol and diesel vehicles from 2035 onwards.

With a total of 340 votes in favor, 279 against and 21 abstentions, this ambitious proposal was approved, which will try to implement in the European Union a strategy of zero CO2 emissions for new passenger and light commercial vehicles.

In addition to the set sales cap for 2035, an interim target for 2030 was also proposed, where a 55% reduction in passenger car emissions and a 50% reduction in light commercial vehicles is expected to be achieved.

A methodology will also be established by 2025 to assess and transmit data on the life-cycle CO2 emissions of passenger and light commercial vehicles sold on the EU market.

As early as December 2026, a committee is expected to be set up to monitor the difference between emission limit values ​​and real-world fuel and energy consumption data, report on a manufacturer-specific adjustment methodology for CO2 emissions, and suggests appropriate accompanying measures.

The new law includes exemptions for small manufacturers and benefits for zero-emission manufacturers

The end of combustion vehicles

In order to make this transition smoother for small manufacturers, companies that register fewer than 1000 cars per year will have an exemption until 2035.

Manufacturers that have good sales performance in electric and hybrid cars and that keep emissions between 0 and 50 g CO2/km will have lower CO2 reduction targets.

With these new measures, it is expected that the European Union will be able to significantly reduce its emissions, setting an example for the rest of the world.

Furthermore, there is still the expectation that this is a relevant step towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

Video – The end of sales of internal combustion vehicles from 2035

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