“The referee was malicious, pure evil”: Kaxaria player skeptical with 45-day suspension – Region Column

A Kaxaria player was sent off after touching the ball to the referee, who said he was marked on the legs

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At least, cartoonish. That was the move that led to the straight red card of Emanuel López, known as Manecas, captain of Caxaria, in the reception in Riachensee, which counted for the 2nd division AF Santarém. Deportation resulted in… 45 days detention.

“Basically, the referee fouls, we call for a yellow card, because the opponent is fouled from behind, he didn’t even have a chance to play the ball,” begins quoting Emmanuel Lopez in the Record, continuing in the report. of the offer: “He makes a big fuss with his hands, to get us away and he hits me in the face – I didn’t care. Then when I put the ball in for the foul, unfortunately I hit the referee, I could have hit a colleague.”

And he continues: “At the end of the game I went with our representative to talk to the referee, to find out why he sent me off and said it was an attack. I told him it wasn’t on purpose, it was unintentional, and he just said, “Wrong timing.” I turned my back and left.”

Emmanuel Lopez does not find an explanation for the referee’s attitude. “At the end of the game, he commented to a policeman that he had marked the ball at his feet. Did you see the move?” challenges Emmanuel Lopez, who complains about what happened: “It doesn’t fit in anyone’s head. . It was malicious. It was pure evil.”

Emmanuel Lopez had decided to end his career before this game

“I thought they might overturn the decision [de suspensão por 45 dias decretada pelo Conselho de Disciplina da AF Santarém]. I have been captain of Kaxaria for 5 years, I did not deserve this”, says Manekas, who sees an early end to his career: “Before the match I had already decided that I would leave football. I had a son a year ago, I work and Saturdays and Sundays were for football. I want to see my son grow up, I can’t juggle everything.”

“Disappointment and sadness” are the emotions possessed by Emmanuel López, who does not stop raving: “Imagine who was nominated for the next game? The referee [Adelino Dias] he will be assistant on Sunday, with Abrantes and Benfica. After what happened, recommending him is unbelievable, it’s disrespectful to Kaxarias.”

At least, cartoonish. This was the move that prompted the expulsion…

By Mario Duarte


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