March 28, 2023

The price of electricity in the regulated market decreases by 3% in April

The price of light in the regulated market coming down about 3% of 1 of April. The kWh price coming down to €0.1567 and its contractual strength 3.45 kVA at €0.1688.

COME Energy Services Regulator, updates every 3 months the price of the energy tariff in the regulated market. In this case, it will be a 3% reduction, after have risen 3% to 1 from January.

For this year, the updated forecast for the acquisition costs of the organized market should deviate by less than 73.04 euros per MWh (7.3 cents/kWh) compared to the forecast derived from the energy tariff prices valid until MarchERSE pointed out.

The estimated impact of this update on the regulated market, for the most representative types of customers, is approximately -3% on the total electricity bill (including fees and taxes); About at current pricesemphasized.

From Aprilthe average monthly bill of a couple without children, with a conventional power of 3.45 kVA and a consumption of 1,900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, will be approximately 36.62 euros, 1.02 euros less than March of the same year. For a couple with two children, with a conventional power of 6.9 kVA and a consumption of 5,000 kWh per year, the bill should be 92.43 euros, 2.83 euros less than the amount paid the previous month.

In this table, SU electricity prices from April 1:

The 3.3% increase in the normal low voltage tariff, which was announced for this year, will therefore be 1%. According to 2023 data, the organized market includes approximately 988,000 customers and represents 7.5% of total consumption.

ERSE also advised consumers to be aware any changes in price terms applied by market suppliers.

Do I stay in the regulated market or switch?

Despite this drop in prices in the regulated market, there are many other companies in the liberalized market that are much cheaper than SU Electricity. In the ERSE simulator, for example, there are many tariffs with an adjustment of 1 or 2 cents per kWh (the price varies every month), and in the fixed tariffs, there is REPSOL at 7.6 cents per kWh, the endesa at 11.4 cents, Iberdrola and Alfa at 12 cents, and the EZU and Galp at about 14 cents. As you can see, you have a lot to choose from. Why pay more unnecessarily? No there is no problem to change every month if you want if you are willingness to undertake this task.

ERSE’s advice is the same advice I give you and have been following for several years. Whenever I find a better/cheaper price, I switch.

And I take advantage of all the marketing tools and discounts that companies offer. I pay about 2 euros for electricity a month, thanks to a company’s “friend codes”. We must be smart consumers to escape the normal and abnormal increases that are part of the inevitable reality we face.

If you never move, you will always pay more than you should for the same services. Electricity is just another example.

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