The new life of Rita Rugeroni

Rita Rugeroni’s new life is starting to pay off. Since going home in October 2022, the broadcaster has imposed some rules on itself.

It all started because Rita felt that she was not able to combine her family life with her professional life and attend to new projects. So he decided to move away from radio. “Rita will take a break and be away for a few months,” Comercial announced Ruggeroni’s departure.

The show later explained on its Instagram page the reason for her departure.

The new life of Rita Rugeroni

“This week one of my best friends asked me ‘Well, do you know what you’re going to say?’ I said no, but something had to come out. And now I’m standing here with this lump in the throat of someone who just said on the radio that he’s going off the radio,” he began by declaring.

Rita guarantees that her absence “will not be forever”, only the months “enough to put all the pieces together”, to devote herself to “a personal project, to spend time with the children, with her husband” and with Is it there.

The new life of Rita Rugeroni

“Anyone who knows me well knows how difficult this decision was to make. Two Ritas live inside me. The one who thinks she’s a hurricane, able to do anything, without needing help, and the other who is always scared, stressed, a certain permanent dissatisfaction and constant worry,” she confesses.

The new life of Rita Rugeroni

“Haste forces us to choose between priorities. I decided to stop. I am giving up my favorite radio. And it’s not her problem, it’s mine. The past few months I’ve felt like I’m failing all the time. One failure at a time, that’s for sure, but that ends up causing the head and body to stop working as well. We women, especially, suffer from a superiority complex. We think we are capable of everything, always. It’s a kind of triumph and punishment for being everything at once,” he surmised.

“Three kids. Three stepkids. One dog. One house. Three jobs. A thousand activities. Dinners with friends. Pay attention to parents. Date her husband. Go to the gym. Be at a thousand different events during the week. . Go to the supermarket. Make dinner. Telling bedtime stories. Have energy. Don’t sleep. Eat better. Phone friends. Paying bills,” he recalled, admitting he got to the point where he “had to choose.”

“From the distance of the future, I don’t know if the decision was the right one, but honestly, as I write this text it’s like a fire alarm suddenly went off. “Relax, Rita. Everything will be okay.’ A kind of mantra that you repeat every day. See you soon, dear Radio. I will miss you,” he concluded.

The new life of Rita Rugeroni

It is true that it has been more or less three months. And the break has already paid off. First, Rita launched a children’s tracksuit brand with her sister. Madalena Rugeroni and, at first glance, supposes that life takes another form.

The new life of Rita Rugeroni

“I made a few resolutions for 2023, but the ones I’ve made so far I’m fulfilling. One of them would get up 15 minutes early to have breakfast with the kids and not start the day with stress saying “HURRY UP” every two seconds!!!
Now I have time to wake up one by one, make eggs and toast…”

Rita has been married for nine years to fellow radio presenter and director of Rádio Comercial Pedro Ribeiro. The couple share a 5-year-old daughter, Carminho. But there are more children. Pedro has three other children from previous relationships: Mafalda, 22, Gonçalo, 19, and Maria, ten. Rita also has two children from a previous marriage: Miguel, 13, and Francisco, 10.

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