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Skincare Cosmetics: the national brand created by a nurse has already launched the first cream

Pedro Almeida had the help of David, his older brother who is a physiotherapist. It is an ideal product for all genders.

During the pandemic, demand for skin care products such as moisturizers increased. In the United States, growth was 101.9 percent, according to the website Statistica. The daily use of masks, which has caused many people to experience various problems with their facial skin. Irritations, acne and other types of reactions have further increased the demand for skin care proposals.

On the other hand, there were people who already had a set routine even before the incarcerations. This is the case of Pedro Almeida, 35 years old. She is a nurse and has always worked in the field of plastic surgery and dermatology. “I also worked for two years in pharmacies. Additionally, I have helped coordinate and support several skin care companies in the past,” she tells NiT.

He decided to enter the world of entrepreneurship and launched his first brand, Skincare Cosmetics, on March 9. “I never liked to stand still and I always wanted to invest more and more,” he reveals. He started the project with the help of his 41-year-old older brother. David Almeida is a physiotherapist, he also works in the health sector. “I always wanted to create a family business. I decided the time had come to bet on it,” points out Pedro.

One of the disadvantages that the nurse identified in this department was the lack of products that men could feel comfortable using, largely due to the not-so-discreet packaging. “I came up with the design of the bottle. A very important thing is that it has a vacuum system, and when it is almost finished it sucks until it reaches the end. When it’s with a tube it can get clogged,” he points out.

The brand debuted with an anti-wrinkle cream that took about a year to develop until they got a formula they were happy with. Created in collaboration with a chemical engineer and the technical team of a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) approved and ISO-22716 certified Lisbon laboratory. “The factory itself is controlled. Everything goes through quality control where the product is tested and registered. That’s why it took longer,” explains the businessman.

the cream It combines different active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, octopeptide and avocado oil. “Plus, it has natural products.” They are: rosehip oil, tara extract, sacha inchi seed oil, argan oil, amino acids, vegetable retinol, green tea extract, and vitamins C and E. The fragrance is not overpowering and has a scent that “appeals to men and women alike.” Pedro describes it as fresh, almond-scented and “perfect for summer.”

“It is a differentiating product because all these ingredients are indicated for today, characterized by fatigue, dry and dehydrated skin.” It also promises to stimulate cell renewal, promoting the production of collagen in the connective tissues, which protects the skin from the effects of aging, reducing wrinkles and expression lines. “Reducing the effects of acne and blemishes are other benefits,” she vouches.

It can be used by anyone aged 20 and over, “not just for the elderly”. “From the age of 19, young people should already start applying the cream to hydrate their skin and prevent aging, and hyaluronic acid is the perfect molecule for this,” emphasizes the brand’s founder. It should be applied to the face and chest morning and night in circular motions – and don’t forget to wash your hands and face before applying.

Currently, the product is only available online. However, they are already forming partnerships to bring it to various Portuguese pharmacies. The anti-wrinkle cream costs €37.80 and if you make your purchase before Father’s Day, you will receive a face roll. By the end of the year, Skincare Cosmetics should have another offering, this time for eyes and dark circles, to fill a “gap in the market”. “I’m already talking to the chemical engineer, to agree with those who produce to know the best properties,” he points out.

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They also want to create a product for dark circles.

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