March 30, 2023

The most clueless character in the entire game

Many are the love stories that Geralt knows in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, few of them resemble a supernatural Mexican soap opera as much as the one in a side quest for the long-lost Velen. Oh, poor Hannah.

Geralt on an altar.

During the passage through the most damaged area of ​​The Witcher 3, Geralt can accept a contract that involves discovering the location of a woman named Hanna, who has disappeared. At first, it seems like this will just be a case like any other, but that’s not exactly the case.

Hanna lived with her husband, Niellen, and her sister, Margrit, before she disappeared. One day, according to the residents of the village where the trio lived, Hana was seen heading towards the forest with another unknown person. It has since disappeared.

Marguerite talks to Geralt.

As the players investigate the case, Geralt accidentally finds Margrit in the middle of the forest. He asks Warlock to drop the case, which the players may or may not accept. Moving forward with the mission, it becomes apparent why he wanted the investigation to end.

Before Geralt arrived in the village, Margrit had taken Hanna to a certain spot on the map where a werewolf was hiding. That creature, in this case, was Niellen himself: a cursed hunter who, when transformed, completely lost control of his actions.

Geralt looks at Margrit and Niellen.

Margrit’s plan was to reveal Niellen’s monstrous side to Hanna so that the couple would break up. After all, Margrit was in love with Niellen, her sister’s husband. However, what happened was much worse: Niellen, transformed, attacked and killed Hanna.

Well, let’s just say this result was a little obvious. Werewolves aren’t usually that friendly. By the way, even after the incident, Margrit decided to just live with what she had done and try to go about life as normal with Niellen.

After defeating Niellen, in werewolf form, once, Margrit stops Geralt from killing him. He then reveals to Niellen and Geralt everything that had happened. Niellen obviously decides to kill Velen’s more clueless character, but it’s up to the player to allow that to happen or not.


I confess that I could not allow him to kill her. He himself, on the other hand, could not stay alive under any circumstances. So, at least in my story, Margrit ended up alone, having to deal with loneliness and the knowledge that she was responsible for the deaths of the two people she had lived with for so long. A just end for such a lame man.

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