March 29, 2023

The Last of Us: Episode 3 teaser introduces Bill and Frank. Look!

his followers The last of us has barely recovered from the intense events we saw in the series’ second episode, which aired last night (23), and HBO has already released the teaser for the next chapter. The preview features a character already familiar to video game fans: Bill, Joel and Tess’ business partner in Boston.

Extremely paranoid and suspicious, he lives alone in a house surrounded by traps to ensure no one enters his territory. However, Bill ends up visiting him. Watch the teaser with Portuguese subtitles:

The next chapter will air on January 29, this coming Sunday, on HBO and HBO Max.

fan reactions

(Warning: from here the text contains spoilers for its second episode The last of us)

Its second episode The last of us it was full of intense scenes and included a moment that took fans by surprise not for those who have already played the video game, of course.

Throughout the episode, we see Joel, Tess and Ellie escaping from soldiers from the FEDRA quarantine zone. Shortly after leaving the area, Tess is bitten by a click and decides to sacrifice herself to help Joel and Ellie escape. The moment resonated on social media, with fans saying that the death scene in the series managed to surpass the video game.

Check out the audience reactions:

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