The Last of Us Episode 3 creates ‘unnecessary’ controversy

The Hollywood Reporter was right after all. The ending of episode 3 of HBO’s The Last of Us is truly “shocking”. An “unnecessary polemic”, especially since the chapter is impressive from beginning to (almost) end. Yes, there has been a great change in Bill’s fortunes. And, no, you probably won’t like it much if you’ve played the game.

From here, the text has spoilers for the third chapter!

But calm down. Let’s do it step by step. From beginning. Good start, by the way. And this time, without any scientific introduction – which is a shame, because the first two episodes were spectacular. A nice interaction between Ellie and an infected and an incredible dialogue between her and Joel in which she confirms the flour theory in all letters, ending with a flashback to Bill’s first appearance.

Ali, he’s the guy we know. A madman/genius who manages to avoid FEDRA and stay hidden, on his own, without exposing himself to the dangers of the apocalypse happening around him. Until a guy falls into one of his traps, saves him, opens the bathroom for a shower, serves dinner, lets the piano play… And kisses. Now yes, the kiss is valid, see, Neil Druckman? No, we’re not done with that Tess scene yet.

Beyond that, what we see is a genius creation by Neil himself, with Craig Mazin and director Peter Roar. The relationship between Bill and Frank is shown in great detail, with some really cool scenes – like lunch with Joel and Tess, strawberry picking and even the ‘last day’. And if in the game, Bill is a distinct highlight, Frank is the center of attention in episode 3 of HBO’s The Last of Us.

Murray Bartlett, who in 2021 shone in the first season of The White Lotus, teaches an acting class. The pair, by the way, is built quite properly. The Devs’ Nick Offerman does a great job as Bill and there is clear chemistry between them. From the first moment of episode 3 of The Last of Us.

End of The Last of Us Episode 3

Only, if so far what everyone has been waiting for since it was revealed that the episode would focus more on Bill and Frank, things are changing fast. Our “mad hatter” Bill becomes “the last romantic” and kills himself to die “hand in hand” with his lover, who was sick and had sought help to end his suffering. Beautiful, exciting, creepy. If it wasn’t a huge change in what we live in The Last of Us game.

You know that character you developed a nice relationship with and were curious to see what happened after you left them behind? Well, it’s like it doesn’t exist. Besides, when Joel and Ellie arrive at Bill’s house in the series, he’s already dead. He left only a letter and the car keys on the table. A result that will divide opinion – and probably won’t please most fans.

Not for the love story, which is really amazing. So the last shot of the episode, with Joel and Ellie leaving the car and the bedroom window open, is “poetic”. However, to create an extremely important and “unnecessary” change. It was possible to tell the romance but push it to Bill having lost Frank in a way that made him even more paranoid – as “indicated” in the game. Maybe in the scene where they have to fight would-be invaders.

But at least the page-sticking scene is there! In all its glory! Ultimately, Episode 3 of The Last of Us is good, very good, and keeps the series up there. The only question really is this change to the series rule. But technically and, within the proposition it carries, there’s no doubt that this is another great HBO project.

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