March 29, 2023

The gothic dress of Victoria Federica, the king’s niece, who left Spain haunted – NiT

The gothic dress of Victoria Federica, the king’s niece, who left Spain haunted

Infanta Elena’s daughter is determined to succeed in the world of fashion. At the Goya Awards party she wore an elegant yet provocative look.

He got dazzled during the party.

Victoria Federica de Marichalar has literally made monarchy fashionable. The niece of the kings of Spain cannot resist a red carpet or a social event in a luxurious piece. And, let’s be honest: the 22-year-old rarely fails to show off her refined and rather sophisticated taste.

This Sunday, February 12, was no exception. After the 37th edition of the Goya Awards, which recognize the best films, actors and producers of the Spanish film industry, there was an after party. During the celebration, the daughter of the Infanta Elena became one of the guests from whom it was impossible to take your eyes off.

That night, the role he took on had another reason, beyond the family name. Everyone was looking at the dramatic (yet very elegant) look worn by Victoria Frederica. She showed the side of her that isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion — and, because of that same boldness, she didn’t disappoint.

The design features wings (on the shoulders and accentuated at the waist), long puffed sleeves and a subtle train. Responsible for the combination is Fernando Claro Couture, a Spanish designer specializing in personalized creations for brides, wedding guests and special events, combining a contemporary vision with the heart of haute couture.

The visual referred to the character Wednesday

To rock the look, the aristocrat opted for dark and understated make-up, a high ponytail, with her hair pulled back and even accessorizing with Andrea Studio pendants and rings.

The long black model also had a transparent collar, with crossed ribbons, bondage style. Remember the iconic Versace dress Donatella wore in 1993 in New York? The detail transports us to that moment without being over-sexualized.

This is yet another attempt by the increasingly edgy young woman to assert her personal style. His recent choices reveal a desire to stand out through choices that raise a few eyebrows. The look also earned some comparisons to Wednesday Addams, the acid-and-goth character who stars in the Netflix phenomenon of the same name:[Wednesday] it’s super trendy,” reads a comment highlighting the heavy aesthetic of the look.

The (very) slow steps in fashion

Until October 2021, Victoria Federica de Marichalar had a very private life. The shy 22-year-old – whose interests have been kept under wraps – took to her Instagram page. In the weeks that followed, it was possible to see the monarch figure taking part in international fashion shows and wearing clothes that influenced thousands of young people.

A few months later, in March 2022, she appeared on the cover of the prestigious Spanish edition of ‘Elle’, with a look that represented her taste. At this stage, all predictions indicated that the niece of the kings of Spain would be the next big name in the world of fashion, either editorially or as a model. However, the path has not been so linear, either by personal choice or by recalling the brands themselves.

What is certain is that in the months after the magazine hit the newsstands, it keeps increasing its followers. The focus became her role as a digital influencer, dedicated to sharing visuals in her daily life, outings with friends or family events.

However, Infanta Elena’s daughter does not seem ready to give up. Little by little, the it girl continues to try to gain ground and she became the face of the fall 2022 collection of Hoss Intropia, from the Spanish group Tendam, alongside her friend María G. de Jaime. A vote of confidence that betrays some interest in giving space to the young woman.

The evolution of Victoria’s style

The taste for fashion came from his father’s side. Jaime de Marichalar is a board member of Spain’s Loewe, which belongs to the LVMH group — the largest French conglomerate specializing in luxury brands. In the interview she gave to ‘Elle’, she explained: ‘I like this world thanks to my father, who I have seen for so many years, since I was a little girl, devoted to it. He knows a lot about this industry and I’m constantly learning from him.”

She started out with a more traditional flavor, with pieces like jeans and some vests being part of her casual looks. She was often seen wearing flats and sneakers, specifically Converse models, and tried to mix more basic propositions with current trends.

Since becoming more of a media figure and with age, she has gone for bolder and more original looks. Some of his favorite brands are Off-White and Loewe, which he wears countless times. In terms of how she’s been seen in public, leather pants, very baggy jeans and pieces as controversial as low-waisted trousers stand out.

Click through the gallery to see images from the Hoss Intropia campaign she’s in and some of Victoria Federica’s most standout looks on her Instagram.

see the collection


The it girl wears very sexy dresses.

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