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White Deer Home: the favorite brand of influencers made its debut in decoration

Madalena Abecasis does not resist the proposals of the national enterprise. The catalog consists of “unique, live tracks”.

The tracks are a big hit on social media.

For social media savvy women, White Deer is already a household name. There are many times when Portuguese influencers – especially Madalena Abecasis – share looks in beautiful dresses made by the national company. What few expected was that, five years after launch, the fashion business would also become a decor brand.

On October 1st, White Deer Home hit the market with one goal in mind: to make every house a home. The words are from founder Maria Maya, 27, who confesses to NiT that “the passion for decorating emerged a long time ago.”

The young woman grew up with her mother constantly innovating at home, focusing on the small details — but that made all the difference. Remembering the “unique and vibrant pieces,” he felt inspired to bring the same irreverence to the customer base he had built up over the years.

“I like both fashion and decoration. I can’t choose, but at that moment I had to make a decision,” he explains. “And with the brand focusing on clothing, it was easier to access suppliers.”

However, she noticed a gap in the market that led her to explore a new segment. “There are already many businesses dealing with large items such as furniture. Missing notes that transform the home without requiring an astronomical investment.”

When he bought the house, four years ago, it was Maria Maia who decorated it and received many compliments at the time for her good taste. So, he decided to start studying decorating suggestions and figure out what people were looking for the most.

The catalog is currently divided into items for the table, for the kitchen and for the living room. The founder did not want to focus on one niche, but to study the market and test the results. However, they are more focused on collecting vases and busts that represent the female body — they can be used as a candlestick or as a tissue.

As for the obsession of influencers, the phenomenon promises to continue. “You will be able to see our pieces at Madalena’s house [Abecasis]. She already has the busts in her house.”, says. “Since we started testing, we needed more inventory first.”

He adds: “For us it’s extremely rewarding that influencers use and love our pieces, it all happens in a very natural way and I think that’s the secret.”

Brand bust.

In terms of production, all kitchen items are factory-made. The decorative pieces, in turn, are crafted in an atelier in the Portuguese capital. White Deer works with several national artists who work by hand with porcelain and tableware.

When it launched in August 2018, White Deer also had models designed and built in Portugal. Some were made in other countries (notably Italy) and it still works in a third, more adaptable way. To develop it, they work with a seamstress.

When she graduated nursing from the Nursing School of Porto, Maria worked in the area for six months. After this phase, he realized that it was not the path he wanted to follow and decided to leave his career to start his business.

Since then, and thanks to the spread on social networks, White Deer has amassed more than 130,000 followers on the fashion page and exceeded 10,000 on the account dedicated to the decoration brand.

All pieces are available on the White Deer Home website and prices range from €6 to €39.99. Click through the gallery to view the suggestions.

see the collection


It costs €29.99 to White Deer Home website.

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