March 30, 2023

The cruise line is celebrating 75 years with 75 cruises at very special prices

Until April 11, Costa Cruises is offering 75 specially priced cruises in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, with spring departures running through the fall.

On March 31, 2023, Costa Cruises begins its 75th anniversary celebration. 75 years ago today, in 1948, the ‘Anna C’, the fleet’s first passenger ship, left Genoa for Buenos Aires, carrying 768 passengers.

“A historic moment that launched the great success of Costa cruises. Over the years, day after day, Costa Cruises has taken millions of passengers around the world, sharing their happy and memorable vacation moments,” the company reveals.

To kick off the celebration, Costa Cruises has launched 75 specially priced cruises, available from today until 11 April, which allow sailing all year round, from early spring to autumn, and discovering destinations in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

“The experiences you can enjoy on these 75 cruise ships are truly spectacular. For example, passengers can choose an unforgettable journey in the timeless atmosphere of the western Mediterranean, departing from Valencia, to discover the aromas of the French landscape of Provence, northern Italy, eternal Rome and the jewel of Sardinia, with its capital Cagliari. Or depart from Barcelona to discover Palermo, Rome, Savona and Marseille. You can also choose a long cruise from Barcelona that will allow you to rediscover the cities of Málaga and Cádiz, reaching places such as Casablanca and Tangier,” the company continues.

In addition, “there are itineraries that allow you to discover the myths, history and incomparable landscapes of the eastern Mediterranean, from Marghera/Venice to Mykonos and the magnificent Aleukandra on a standard boat, diving into the colorful depths of the hot springs of Palaia Kameni . in Santorini”, it is still revealed.

Passengers who ‘prefer the spectacular landscapes and cities of Northern Europe can explore the wonderful cultures of Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Klaipeda departing from Kiel. Likewise, from Amsterdam, you can sail around the British Isles, reach Iceland or visit Norway’s most spectacular fjords.’

All of these itineraries are enjoyed on state-of-the-art ships (world leaders in the use of Liquefied Natural Gas) or newly renovated, where the possibilities for customizing an unforgettable vacation are endless, he adds.

“To enjoy these impressive destinations in a richer and more authentic way, Costa has renewed its excursion proposal, with specialized local guides who lead passengers to discover the most characteristic environments and traditions. In addition, the exploration of the destinations begins on board with the signature dishes of three great chefs – Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze and the award-winning Ángel León – who nightly interpret the flavors of the places included in the itineraries. The on-board entertainment, with fantastic live shows, music and themed parties, is also adapted to the itineraries, always offering a local touch.”

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