The collector puts a bonus of 500,000 BRL on the Magic card

A Magic player known as Dan Bock would be willing to pay $100,000 for a rare Magic card: the Gathering card that hasn’t even been released yet. The investment of BRL 528,000 will be made on the Lord of the Rings ring card, a new collection inspired by the universe of the hit film and presented by Wizards of the Coast this week.

The company behind the Trading Card Game has revealed that only one ring card will be made for players, making it the rarest Magic card ever produced by Wizards of the Coast. Aware of this, the collector indicated his willingness to pay a substantial sum to the letter. However, he imposed some rules for those who find him.

In a Magic card sales Facebook group, Dan Bock revealed that he is willing to pay $100,000 for the ring card. However, the person who manages to find this card will not be able to tell anyone that they have done so, keeping the secret and closing the deal almost exclusively with the person responsible for the offer.

“I am making a standing offer of $100,000 for the 001/001 card that is in line or outperforms the most reliable public offer. The only additional restriction is that in order to accept this offer, you must not tell anyone that the you opened or published it before it was sold,” Dan Bock said, possibly in an attempt to prevent the purchase of the letter from going to auction.

Despite the fact that the offer is of great value, it is possible that the person who is lucky enough to find the card will be able to improve even more. Aware of the high demand the card will have, Wizards of the Coast has revealed that the unique version of the ring card will be released in a collectible booster. So you will have to search hard to get it.

New collection introduced this week

Wizards of the Coast released the first details on their new Lord of the Rings-inspired Magic: The Gathering card set this week. The collaboration will bring many iconic characters from Tolkien’s universe to one of the most popular Trading Card Games of all time.

Like the collaboration between Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons, the new Magic: The Gathering set will feature famous characters from Tolkien’s universe. This time, players will be able to include Frodo, Sauron, Gollum, and many other heroes and villains of Middle-earth in their decks.


Players will encounter the Lord of the Rings universe and characters in Magic: the Gathering

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