The chilling revelation of Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s chilling revelation in an interview with Vogue
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In an interview with fashionCara Delevingne’s chilling revelation has warned, once again, of the drama of drug and alcohol addiction in Hollywood, as well as the fragility of mental health.

“I woke up at my grandmother’s house, in my room and with a hangover, in a bridesmaid dress. I was running around finishing glasses of champagne.’ said the famous model in an emotional testimony about a childhood marked by her mother’s addiction to heroin.

For several months now, the behavior of the model, who became famous in 2001 after being chosen as the face of Burberry at the age of 18, has been preoccupying those closest to her and the tabloids. That’s because shortly after her 30th birthday last August, Cara Delevingne was photographed looking very unkempt, which is strange for someone who lives up to her image and who was once considered one of the most well-groomed women in the world. the Hollywood Dresses world. Another episode that served as a wake-up call was her strange behavior at a California airport when she was supposed to board Jay-Z’s private jet and didn’t, looking lost.

Now, in this raw interview, the British model admits to her drug addiction, recalls her traumatic past, confesses that she used to self-harm and admits that she was clean for four months.

According to Cara Delevingne, it all started at the age of 10, when she was prescribed sleeping pills and after being diagnosed with dyspraxia – a neurological disorder that causes difficulty in coordinating body movements, which can compromise balance. “This was the beginning of my mental health problems and my unintentional self-harm,” reveals. The model admits she went to therapy to try and resolve the condition but, at 15, she suffered a nervous breakdown and was put on anti-depressant medication, which she says “saved her life”.

“I hadn’t discovered the fucking hole inside me, the real inner turmoil, and I still think there’s a part of diagnosing and labeling people that is harmful. Many times they encouraged me to take this or that.” she escapes, not hiding that in moments of greater desperation she hit her head against the wall to hurt herself and wanted to end her life.

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