The biggest terror of Antonia’s life is back! | Forever

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Magda (Maya Booth) is resting, Clara (Ines Castel-Branco) arrives and apologizes, admits that she needs her on such an important day and invites her to be maid of honor. Magda is moved and accepts, they embrace, reconcile.

Lourenço (Pedro Sousa) invites Pedro (Diogo Morgado) to be best man at the wedding and makes several challenges. Pedro hits him and throws him into the street, ready to explode.

Natália (Carmen Santos) and Joana (Sílvia Chiola) sit with Tibério. Lorenzo arrives and hugs his grandfather, pleased with the surprise. Antonia sees him and they exchange tense glances.

Clara tells Beatriz (Sara Prata) and Alice (Inês Aires Pereira) that she has made peace with Magda and will also be maid of honor. Beatriz and Alice are happy to be together again and go to take care of the bride.

Magda tells Pedro that she agreed to be Clara’s maid of honor, but says she doesn’t mind not going if Pedro gets upset. He wants Magda to be happy and enjoy the day and takes her to the wedding.

Tiberio offers Lorenzo a honeymoon, a safari he always wanted to take with his father. Tibério says he died too soon and looks meaningfully at Antónia (Marina Mota).

Elias (António Capelo) tries to warn Clara that the marriage is for life and replaces Lourenço with Pedro. She feels betrayed by Pedro and Lorenzo gives her what she wants. Clara is angry that Elias upset her that day.

About “Forever”

Pedro is an enigmatic man with only one goal: to win back Clara, his young love. However, such a meeting is almost impossible. Above all, because she is engaged to Lourenço’s brother, the man Pedro will save his life. And what will Lourenço do when he realizes that his savior may, after all, steal everything from him?

Diogo Morgado, Inês Castel-Branco and Pedro Sousa form the central plot triangle. And the cast has kids like Marina Mota, Luís Esparteiro, Paulo Pires, Sara Prata, Maya Booth and many others.

Ana Almeida
Ricardo Carrera
Joao Gomes
Francisco Anduneth
Catarina Amaro
Music production
Antonio Lopez
sound design
Miguel Costa
Production Management
Pedro Miranda
General Counseling
Jose Eduardo Moniz
Art Direction
Hugo de Sousa
Director of Content and Production
Gabriela Sobral
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
João Patricio, Lurdes Guerreiro, André Manso
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
Christina Ferreira
TVI General Manager
Nuno Santos
A Plural Production for TVI

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