March 27, 2023

THE BALL – “Quinta dos Lombos will give us nothing in the final…” (Futsal)

Spain’s Pulpis, coach of Benfica’s men’s indoor team, who on Saturday night advanced to the final of the League Cup after crushing Braga 6-1, in the second semi-final of the competition’s ‘Final 8’, held at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, does not believe in the facilities in the decisive game of the competition, in which the reds face on Sunday 29, from 9 pm, in the same stage, Quinta dos Lombos, who defeated Sporting in the other semi-final.

“Quinta dos Lombos will not give us anything. It will be another very difficult game. This [com o SC Braga] It was very difficult, very difficult, but we had a great night, got a great win, against a great team. The team was more comfortable from 4-1 onwards, but every game has a different story,” was the warning left by the Spanish Eagles coach at the end of the game in Gondomar, speaking to Canal 11.

As for SC Braga, Joel Rocha congratulated the Reds, for the justice of the victory.

“I congratulate you first, in three places: first, to our supporters, who have turned up in good numbers and are heard, in good times, but also in times like this. Congratulations then to Benfica who were better and were better for many more minutes of the game so it’s a completely fair, deserved and well-earned win from Benfica’s side. Thirdly, congratulations for what was the road, the road, the characteristic of my players, who also have qualifications: they have a lot and it is not this defeat that will erase them”, said the coach of SC Braga in turn, Joel Rocha, at the end of the match in which his team ended up thrashing the Reds.

“It was a game where we started well, we got ahead of the result, but immediately it was felt that the Benfica players arrived first, arrived faster, heavier and with more availability for what was the duel itself. If it is true that the second goal is a result of the attacking danger we have and will continue to have, as we want to attack the opposition goal, then I think, in the second half, 3-1 hit SK. Braga too much, and they made Benfica very comfortable,” opined the former Benfica coach, now at the helm of Minho’s team.

“From there, Benfica took control of the game. But they were clearly better. It was a learning experience, with lessons, and I think we’ll be back here and we’ll be back better. We lost a game, we didn’t lose our values, our identity and our character. Humble and ambitious, respecting our opponents, for the pursuit of our goals, already in the next game, for the Portuguese Cup”, concluded Joel Rocha.

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