THE BALL – “God willing the Porros negotiation will be very complicated” (Sporting)

Sporting coach Ruben Amorim assured this Friday, in a press conference held at the Estádio José Alvalade, in Lisbon, a preview of the League Cup final duel against FC Porto, on Saturday (19.45), in Leiria, that the Sporting will know how to use solutions. for the most likely departure of the Spanish right-back Pedro Porro, for whom Tottenham are ready to pay the amount of the release clause, amounting to 45 million euros.

“Poro, tomorrow, leaving does not leave: now, he goes to practice and I don’t know what to do with myself until the game. Clubs come first, and as far as I know, a player who can play, once registered by a club, has to go to the game. I realize that [negociações da transferência] they involve the players’ heads too much. But the indication I have is that Porro is a good fit. And the most important thing for me, as a coach, is that if he wasn’t there, someone else would be. The game cannot be solved with just one player. The important thing is that we are very aggressive and very intense in our game. Poro is in shape, he is going to practice, everything that needs to be done will be done, we are prepared for all scenarios,” assured Artur Agostinho Auditorium, in the leonine enclosure, the coach told reporters, four days before the closing of the market.

“If it’s Poro’s last game at the club? I don’t know, there are a few days left: until the 1st [de fevereiro] everyone will know if Porro stays or leaves. The important thing for me is that Paulinho goes to the game. He’s still sore but he’s fit and he’s another option for the team,” said the coach, who turns 38 today.

And, the new insistence of the information professionals, whether a possible replacement of the leonine “scouting” has already been taken care of, Rúben Amorim was honest and let predict the bet on the young Gonçalo Esteves and Diogo Travassos, players of the B team. .

“We take everything into account… but him [Porro] it is not left yet. We have scouting [departamento de prospeção]but all is not easy: you hurry to drive Porus away [riso]! I am counting on Esteves and Travassos: they still have a long way to go, but if they are to be released, they are! No one ever thinks about it [Gonçalo] Inácio, released so early to the main team, suddenly grew so much. We are prepared for anything, but things don’t happen in a short period of time: we will not go for this or that without being sure,” underlined the Leonine coach.

And then, in August 2022, having lost Matheus Nunes (moved to Wolverhampton) just a few days away from the classic in the first round of the League, in Dragão (Victory FC Porto, 3-0) and the serious consequences it had in the his plans and the lion strategy he devised at the time, Rúben Amorim, who has SAD’s promise to leave this month only for the value of the termination clause of the respective contracts (including Pedro Porro, 45 million euros), recalled the discontent and “problems” caused by the unexpected departure of Matheus Nunes, but he understands that SAD has a financial strategy towards stability that does not waver in the face of anything.

“What I was told was that you only leave for the value of the clause and I think that is being fulfilled [no negócio da alegada transferência de Porro para o Tottenham]. Sometimes we are obligated to sell, and other times we are not obligated to sell. There are no good or bad negotiators: when you don’t have to sell, negotiation is different, god willing this negotiation is very complicated [risos]” was the hope left, with humor, by a coach willing, of course, to continue counting on Pedro Poros in his team.

In the sales of Matheus Nunes, João Palhinha and Nuno Mendes, already under his auspices at the leonine bank, prove that reality cannot escape the economic aspect that overlaps the sport – something that Porro’s upcoming deal refines, for once again – , Rúben Amorim confessed his impotence in front of the numbers presented by the buyers at SAD and that he had to play with the will of the latter and the raw material they give him.

“This is the way of the clubs, however much it costs the managers, whether they are capable of doing it or not. [refazer as suas equipas sem jogadores nucleares]. I remember when I was at Benfica, the club started selling guys from the B team for 15 million, 15 million, 15 million… and they didn’t sell one from the main team,” he said.

“Here, we are in the process of creating stability. We’re still building, so we don’t have to sell, and we’re selling more and more. in Matheus [Nunes]everyone knows it was a different situation [contexto temporal, véspera da ida ao Dragão]; in Palhinha and Nuno Mendes, when you have to sell and the others pay the clause, as could happen with Porro, you have to sell. Economic stabilization goes through it, but when I signed the renewal I already knew it,” concluded Rúben Amorim.

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