March 29, 2023

THE BALL – Efapel is strongly committed to Portuguese cycling (Cycling)

With just one year of existence, Efapel Cycling proposes to consolidate the project started in 2022, with a structure that includes, in addition to the professional team, a Cycling Academy coordinated by Tiago Machado with student, junior, women’s and paracycling teams . .

“We started the 2023 season with the aim of continuing to establish this project in national cycling. I think that although this structure is only one year old, it is already a reference in national cycling. For 2023 we have strengthened the team and I believe we have a stronger and more experienced block. In all competitions we want to be in the race for victory, in fact that is the mentality and attitude of this team. Logically the Tour of Portugal is the ultimate goal. I have a team of confident riders, great value riders and great professionals. I know the qualities and abilities they have. Our philosophy is work, sacrifice, team spirit and honesty. We bet on a cyclist who raced in Paracycling, André Soares, who in 2022 won a gold medal at the Deaf Paralympic Games. He joined the Efapel Cycling project in November for the Paracycling level, but after 2 months of working with him we found that he has great potential. Logically, we still have a long way to go, but it is our bet to give him this opportunity,” said José Azevedo at the presentation ceremony of the team in charge of the team.

In terms of presence in international matches, A BOLA advanced. “We have a very full domestic calendar but overseas matches are part of our plans. We have confirmed our presence in Spain at the Gran Camiño, the Tours of Asturias, the Clássica de Rodízio and possibly the Miguel Indurain Grand Prix.” For the performance in the last Round of Portugal. added; “I wasn’t disappointed with our performance, I didn’t take into account the fact that at that time some teams were at a higher level than ours.” Finally, he insisted on emphasizing; “It is an honor to have a sponsor like Efapel and the trust of its president, the engineer Américo Duarte, which makes it possible for the project to achieve its goals.”

For next season, the Serpins team has a team of 10 riders. Joaquim Silva, Tiago Antunes, Henrique Casimiro, Rafael Silva, Emanuel Duarte (ex-Tavira), Pedro Pinto (ex-Tavfer), Francisco Guerreiro, Aleksandr Grigoryev (ex-Tavira), Gaspar Gonçalves and André Soares, who despite being a complete paracyclist for ten which are compulsory for registration, with sports directors José Azevedo and Hélder Miranda.

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