THE BALL – Benfica and Maritimo react to alleged lure of Edgar Costa (Benfica)

Benfica, confronted yesterday by our newspaper, reacted to the news (published the day before yesterday by Expresso) that Edgar Costa, captain of the Maritimo team, in 2019, confessed, in the context of a State investigation, that he was contacted by businessman Miguel Pinho two days before the match against Benfica in Madeira, in the penultimate round of the 2015/2016 season, and that he offered him 30 thousand euros to play badly and not shoot on goal.

“Sport Lisboa e Benfica is unaware of the specific issues under investigation in the said procedure, because it has not been confronted with them and because it has been denied access in various cases in which it has requested consultation. In any case, even if this were not the case, Sport Lisboa e Benfica would never comment on proceedings governed by the confidentiality of justice, let alone allegations related to third parties,” says Benfica.

BOLA tried to speak to Edgar Costa, but the player did not answer the phone. Rui Fontes, the current president of Maritimo, on the sidelines of an initiative held yesterday in Madeira, agreed to comment on the case. “This situation belongs to other times. It is not part of my time at Maritime. I have nothing to do with this matter. The player has already played his role, which was the one that came out in Expresso. News timing? I am not a political or sports analyst. The player has already said what he had to say on the occasions he needed to say it, so at this point, the matter is closed. I don’t know anything, this is a process that is being investigated, which is certainly secret,” concluded Rui Fontes.

Our newspaper tried to hear Miguel Pinho’s version as well, but the businessman refused to talk about this issue. Miguel Pinho, incidentally, gained prominence for managing Bruno Fernandes and for his part in his move from Sporting to Manchester United. But he also manages, for example, Nuno Mendes (who transferred to PSG) or Gonzalo Inácio.

Miguel Pinho’s relationship with Benfica grew mainly due to the strong presence of the agent in the embodied formation, where he represented the interests of several youngsters. Miguel Pino has lost ground since Rui Costa became president of the Eagles, but the businessman still manages, for example, the career of Ser Durr, an 18-year-old Italian international midfielder from the Reds’ youth champion B team. League and the Intercontinental Subcontinent 19, which expires next summer and still has no deal to renew.

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