March 28, 2023

Tesla Model 3 appears at the Super Bowl running over children’s models

The campaign aims to “value” the fully autonomous driving capabilities that many point to FSD or Full Self-Driving (a.k.a. autopilot) technology. The Super Bowl was the stage chosen by Dan O’Dowd, founder of Project Dawn, to show that Tesla is equipped with software and hardware that fails and does not deliver on what it promises.

Tesla gets crushed at the Super Bowl

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and one of the most well-known companies that popularized this type of vehicle was Tesla. Elon Musk's car brand doesn't just make electric vehicles, It also has the advantage of automated driving.

Its FSD, or Full SelfDriving, aims to drive the vehicle completely autonomously. Although it has not achieved this goal to date, Tesla is implementing features that allow the driver to be "away" from the wheel without worrying. Well, at least that was the idea that crossed many drivers, even people who appreciate the brand with its advanced technology.

Such an idea that has popularized Tesla has been criticized and even taken to extremes mock the FSD system used in a Model 3 shown in a Super Bowl commercial.

The car, which should avoid specific and specific situations, appears to pass mannequins dressed as children, fail to recognize vertical signs and other scenarios presented as part of what it is Autonomous brand level 2+ system.

Advertisement sponsored by Project Dawn

The man behind this ad mocking Elon Musk's brand is Dan O'Dowd, who presents himself as the world's leading expert in creating software that never fails and can't be hacked.

It aims to prove that self-driving electric vehicles are still a long way from being a reality. While it's true that significant progress has been made, companies like Tesla have yet to deliver on their promise of fully autonomous vehicles.

By the way, Elon Musk's company was ahead in this field until a few weeks ago, when it lost the podium to Mercedes-Benz. The German brand was the first in the world to receive Level 3 self-driving certification. This relegates Tesla to a secondary plane, as its technology is still framed and certified as Level 2, and it looks like that won't change anytime soon.

Tesla has faced a lot of criticism and accusations over the years, but it has managed to adapt and overcome some problems. By the way, the brand has always been in the crosshairs since its inception, mainly because it changed the car market and broke lobbying policies linked to fossil fuels.

However, this exposure in an event the size of the Super Bowl is a strong criticism, as well as such negative exposure to this most popular event in the US.

No, Teslas don't drive themselves.

Advertising will have deceived many, but also why they allow themselves to be deceived. Many drivers, excited by the videos they see online, the news about the miracle of autonomous technology, believe that Tesla cars are fully autonomous vehicles, where you sit and the car itself does everything without you having to worry about anything.

Although it performs some functions, it is far from achieving this goal. Likewise, there have also been many reports of accidents involving Tesla cars, but again, things aren't black and white and the system isn't perfect, and neither is mine, let alone crap!

The Dawn Project doesn't think so. Therefore, they created an ad of a Tesla and its FSD system that is committing crimes left and right. An ad that aired somewhat randomly in America and had millions of viewers.

As seen in the video above, a Tesla Model 3 appears on stage with FSD enabled and begins running over mannequins dressed as children in crosswalks. He also hits a stroller, passes a stopped bus and ignores STOP signs.

What is the reason for such a violent "attack" on Tesla?

According to the information shared, The Dawn Project was intended to criticize Tesla and its FSD. According to the organization, these vehicles and the autonomous driving system pose a danger to pedestrians and other cars. They even went so far as to describe Tesla cars as "woefully inadequate pieces of engineering".

And Musk? For now, such an attack does not seem to have affected the Tesla strongman, who is still struggling with Twitter's problems.

It's also not the first time Project Dawn has created an ad to criticize Tesla. In January 2022, he paid to place an ad in the New York Times, where he claimed that the FSD software was malfunctioning and giving errors every 8 minutes.

At the time, he offered $10,000 to the first person to name another commercial product from a Fortune 500 company that critically fails every 8 minutes.

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