March 29, 2023

Territories: Alentejo is a case study of a €6.9 million European project | Climate change

Climate scenarios for the Alentejo show its deterioration desertification. The increase in temperature and decrease in rainfall, associated with climate change, are two key factors in this process. But the way the soil is explored has a fundamental role in the future of the Alentejo soil. Now, this area will be one of the case studies of a European project dedicated to land use and financed with 6.9 million euros by Horizonte Europa. The aim is to avoid worst case scenarios.

Called Mosaic – Combined land-use strategies to address climate change and biodiversity loss (something like Mosaic Common land use strategies to combat climate change and land loss biodiversity), the project will study what drives producers and political actors to make poor land use choices, wants to create scenarios based on this analysis and promote policies that promote land uses capable of mitigating climate change and preventing loss of biodiversity.

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