Termination of Contract: MEO, Vodafone, NOS

New contract: what precautions should I take?

  1. Take care of what you want and only then look for suggestions. Compare prices of tariffs and packages in the TV, Net, Voz simulator by DECO PROTESTE.
  2. After choosing the service, ask for all terms, prices and contract in writing. If the offer includes offer terms and prices, be informed of the amount that will be paid when the offer ends. Make sure you are absolutely clear about it period of faith.
  3. If you have a contract with another carrier, before requesting cancellation, contact the new company to arrange this date of formalization of the contract, installation and activation of the service. Note the date on which the current service will be deactivated.
  4. To keep your landline and mobile numbers, simply request portability from your new provider. This is responsible for the process, including sending the order to the old company.

Who handles contract termination?

As the contract owner, you are responsible for canceling the contract. It is better not to assign this task to the new operator, as you run the risk of having two contracts at once. If you choose to do so, please note the five business day time limit for receiving cancellation confirmation. Contact your old company if you do not receive the notification.

Is a phone contract valid without a signature?

Do not. When the contract is concluded by telephone, it is binding only afterwards to sign the offer or send your written consent to the provider (e.g. e-mail or letter).

But this rule does not apply if the first telephone contact was made by you. As he took the initiative, the contract is valid even if it is signed over the phone. Even so, as mentioned, the company is obliged to inform about the reward period and the costs associated with the right of free withdrawal of 14 consecutive days.

In this type of contract, the operator must keep it call recording. From 16 August 2016, you can request access to these recordings, with operators obliged to keep them secure for the duration of the contract.

Do distance contracts have their own rules?

Before signing the contract (telephone, internet or over the counter), the provider must provide you with all the information. They must be clear and include the terms and characteristics of the service provision, the identity and contact of the company, the prices, the possible credit and the terms of early termination, the right to free termination (duration and form of exercise) and the form of cancellation . Ask for information in writing about the terms offered to you and do not hire without reading them.

If everything is done handled over the phoneremember that your commitment only takes place after signing the contractual proposal or sending your written consent, unless the first contact was made by you and not by the operator.

If your contract was negotiated through a door to door salesmanis obliged to provide you with all such information and to deliver it copy of the signed contract or confirmation of the contract (paper or other durable medium) expressing your agreement. All offers and promotional terms promised orally by the seller will only apply if they are expressly stated in writing on the copy delivered to you.

The operator has five days to confirm the signing of the contract, but must do so before the service can be provided. This confirmation takes the form of delivery of the contractual terms relating to the provision of the service on a fixed medium. Cases where you take the initiative to contact the operator are not covered by these rules.

I keep getting invoices from the other company. Why;

In the cancellation confirmation sent by your former company, check it date of service deactivation. The invoice may relate to missed days of notice, early termination charges or amounts associated with the provision of the service when it started during the free termination period, for example.

THE the operator has six monthscalculated from the date of provision of the service, for its exercise right to download or go to court. Then the debt sets.

If the invoice is higher than expected or if you receive more than one invoice, contact the company.

If you cannot agree on the amounts charged, please contact the DECO PROTESTE information service.

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