March 29, 2023

“Tânia Laranjo’s silence already stinks,” says Francisco J. Marques

FC Porto’s communications director has strongly criticized the lack of action by journalist Tânia Laranjo following the attacks and insults against his colleagues from CMTV, perpetuated by Sporting fans at the end of last Sunday’s match against “Dragões”.

“It is not the first time that this journalist has been attacked in the area of ​​Alvalade Stadium or Luz Stadium and once again CMTV has remained silent,” the Porto official said, recalling that “the smallest episode happens and immediately Tânia Laranjo leaves . he lives, wherever he is, to criticize the Porto vandals and their possible links to Porto.”

“This silence from Tânia Laranjo already stinks because whenever this happens in Lisbon there is no word and that’s what matters because they can try to manipulate but they don’t make us stupid, we will always be here to denounce,” he concludes. Francisco J. Marks.

These statements follow the incident seen live last Sunday on Correio da Manhã when, after the final whistle, journalist Pedro Neves de Sousa and picture reporter José Ramos were attacked while interviewing Sporting fans at the stadium . enclosure.

The broadcast leaves no room for doubt as to the moment when the reporter’s microphone is stolen from his hands, listening for several seconds while the reporter tries to get it back. Once again in possession of the microphone and although visibly shaken, the journalist would return to his seat, the program continuing without any mention of what happened.

Another journalist of the same media will also be insulted by a Sporting fan, an action that led to the intervention of the Authority for the Prevention and Combating of Violence in Sports (APCVD), which has already identified the man in question, announcing the launch of an investigation.

“On Sunday night, at the end of the game, CMTV was talking all night about the Classic and not a word about the CMTV reporters who were the victims of insults and aggression. On Monday nothing… in the evening comes an announcement from APCVD, Tuesday Sporting, late and bad hours, issues a statement condemning what happened, and today CMTV wakes up in the afternoon and bad hours for what happened… but it woke up very lightly “, recalls the communications director in his statements to Porto Canal.

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