March 29, 2023

Synopsis of “Flor Sem Tempo”: Oh! Catarina catches Mariana on Vasco’s boat

Eduardo is driving when he realizes that Luis Maria is following him. He decides to stop the car and confront his brother-in-law, telling him that he will never know where Leonor is. Maddalena’s husband says that she is easygoing and that they shouldn’t risk their lives because of a simple cook. Eduardo, seriously, tells him that he is not a murderer and that, as long as it is up to him, he will never find Leonor.

At the pharmacy, Filipa helps Graça with great friendliness and professionalism and explains how to use the creams she recommends. The manager of the Club will be back later as she didn’t bring her purse and as she leaves Kremil asks her if she doesn’t talk to her friends anymore. Graça tells Cremilde that she still has her usual hostile face and leaves. Kremil becomes enraged and glares at Juliet, who doesn’t even see her because she’s arranging a new meeting at application.

Sebastião and Ricardo meet Mimi at the club and the latter tries to convince his sister-in-law that this kiss meant nothing because his brother was under the influence of drugs and didn’t know what he was doing. Mimi, still sulking, tells her boyfriend that she will only forgive him if he promises to make her the happiest woman on the planet. Sebastiao can’t contain his joy, while Ricardo leaves sickened by the whole situation.

On Vasko’s boat, Mariana has just showered and is pouring herself a glass of wine. At the pier, Catarina asks Hélio to take her there. When Katarina enters, she is startled by Mariana’s presence and hurries to leave. Mariana explains who she is and says she’s there as Vasko’s friend as he helps her out for a while. Jorge’s daughter tells him that he doesn’t need to explain and that she will talk to Vasco later.

Luís Maria finds Teodoro and Joaquim, in the cellar, preparing the bottles of muscat, which are to be sent. Teodoro tells him about the fantastic deal Vasco made and Maddalena’s husband tries to look happy but, deep down, he is very unhappy with his nephew’s success.

Graça went to the pharmacy to buy the products that Filipa had left for her and meets Cremilde, who insists on giving her the bill and even says she will give her a discount. Julieta comes from the store and tells Graça that she has already tried this treatment and she liked it. Cremilde despises her friend and Graça tells them that they have lived a life together and that, sometimes, passions are right in front of our eyes, we just don’t want to see it. Julieta is confused by this comment, but Cremilde takes it for granted.

Antonio goes to Rosa’s house to find out how she is, because he was worried. The winemaker tells him what happened at the farm. Antonio hugs Rosa, but rushes to cover it up when Claudia appears. Gonçalo’s father offers to watch and give them a ride the next day. Rosa accepts the ride and tells Claudia that she will be safer if she goes with Antonio to the farm and that her daughter should understand that.

Mariana tells Vasco that Catarina was there on the boat, but he insists on clearing things up, saying she’s there please. Vasco asks her how Katarina seemed to him, and Mariana thinks she wasn’t happy with her presence, but guarantees she did her best to explain the situation.

At the laundromat, Catarina opens up on Jaime, still very upset that she found Mariana on Vasco’s boat, thinking she’s the CEO’s new girlfriend. Philippa’s brother tells her to nip the problem in the bud now, before she ends up like him, deluded and making a fool of herself. The girl believes that this was a sign from the universe to tell her that she is fine and alone.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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