March 27, 2023

Students from a training center in Braga win a competition for fashion designers – O Vilaverdense

A group of students from the Braga center of INOVINTER – Technological Education and Innovation Center won the first prize in the 19th International Fashion Designers Competition, within the framework of the Namorar Portugal Gala, held this Tuesday in Vila Verde.

Isabel, Valerila, Mariana, Mónica, Lucinda and Cristiana created a modern coordinate, in white, with various embroidered details and writings about Valentine’s Scarves, managing to convince the jury.


Vila Verde Secondary School won second prize and third went to Vila Verde stylist Orlando Ventura. Sérgio Silva Sá, also from Vila Verde, won the Delta award.

Esprominho students Maria Azevedo and Cristina Silva designed the uniform that won the Visual Impact Award, with the other two honors awarded to teams from Cenatex.

Lara Silva, Beatriz Ferreira, Matilde Ribeiro, Vasco Maia, Soraia Domingues and Joana Pereira won the audience award, while Sara Francisco, Melissa Toledo, Ana Carvalho, Catarina Silva, Matilde Pinto and Sara Almeida won the young revelation award.

With the presence of models Liliana Filipa, Nádia Sena, Milene Veiga and Ricardo Guedes, the parade had 53 coordinates and was performed with live music, with a performance by Sofia Escobar accompanied by the Viv’Arte Orchestra.

Rafael Freitas, Anabela Baldaque, Luís Carvalho and Nuno Gama were the invited designers who also presented their proposals on the “catwalk”.

The gala was hosted by presenter Sílvia Alberto.

list of winners

1st prize
Coordinator 22: Valerila Serdinkova, Isabel Camara, Mariana Morais, Mónica Rodrigues, Lucinda Silva, Cristiana Pacheco – Inovinter, Braga Training and Technological Innovation Centre.

2nd prize
Coordinate 42: Vila Verde High School – Department of Visual Arts

3rd Prize
Coordinate 13: Orlando Ventura (Villa Verde)

Young Revelation Award
Coordinate 18: Sara Francisco, Melissa Toledo, Ana Carvalho, Catarina Silva, Matilde Pinto and Sara Almeida – Cenatex, Guimarães

Public Award
Coordinate 20: Lara Silva, Beatriz Ferreira, Joana Pereira, Matilde Ribeiro, Vasco Maia and Soraia Domingues – Cenatex, Guimarães

Delta Café Award
Coordinator 14: Sérgio Silva e Sá (Vila Verde)

Visual Impact Award
Coordinate 52 – Maria Azevedo and Cristina Silva – Esprominho

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