March 29, 2023

St. Juste or how Guardiola came to kill football

I enjoy pointing out football symptoms that leave my friends on edge, with their hair on end. For example, it is rare for teams that show an intention to build from the back to have peace of mind. There is no equality of rights between them and those who favor direct play, as if the former were teams and the latter good teams.

I feel that every time a goalkeeper looks for a pass to a central defender and a central defender thinks to link up with a midfielder, the automatic tracking is activated so that the play is recorded in detail. If it goes wrong, the due flogging is applied, the intensity of which is directly proportional to the pressure zone of the opponent and/or the individual quality of the watched players, i.e. there are more floggings if the opponent presses high and if the talent of the watched ones is lower than that by Mats Hummels. The mentors of these penances claim that you are either born in the cradle of La Masia or you are born doomed to practice pigeon shooting instead of football. Saliba from Saint-Étienne, Gvardiol from Dínamo Zagreb, Tomás Araújo from Gil Vicente, Scholotterbeck from Friburgo, Bastoni from Atalanta or Koundé from Bordeaux are, for them, criminals living outside law.

They’re not saying you can’t have that idea, they’re saying they flog anyone who does.

I’ve seen some adults sharing videos of Angrense under 13s making mistakes while writing that Guardiola has come to kill football. If this is not a more careful organization than the Catholic church, it is close.

Fortunately there are also those who are deaf to this “football for the truth”. Fortunately, there are bandits out there who, even after being knocked out by Varzim in the 3rd round of the Portuguese Cup, still insist on the belief that Ricardo Esgaio has enough qualities to play Champions League games, and for that reason too, they don’t succeeds. In the group stage, after seeing their cherished trophy, the League Cup, slip through their fingers against a direct rival, and even then, in January, they have little hope of winning the league, 12 big points from the first category, they still have courage. Reuben Amorim, robber.

The exit from Feddal at the entrance of St. Juste – not an immediate exchange, but allowing Gonçalo Inácio to occupy privileged positions in the defensive line, establishing himself as a central left or midfielder – was, perhaps, Ruben Amorim’s biggest sign of his intention to improve the game model of. He started in defense telling us that he wanted to get to the offense in better shape. I’d say he could have even started at goalkeeper, since Adán looks short to me, in a context where he needs to rely on depth control and footwork.

St. Juste brings skill to the defensive 1×1, giving Amorim the ability to count on the Dutch centre-back’s traits if he evolves in the sense of opting for a hxh back, giving up the zonal principles of the last line in the defensive set-up. Regarding speed, St. Juste is extremely quick, chasing opponents from the back with ease, compensating for teammates’ mistakes more easily, adjusting to bad positions and swinging from back to front when joining the attack. It also provides positive arguments in offensive and defensive tactical formations. With the ball, he not only shows variability in passing (short/long), but also knows how to drive, to escape from opposition pressure and pin down opponents, creating spaces for his team. In the background, St. Juste meets all the conditions to be blacklisted. I mean, on the list, don’t be a little kid reading this chronicle and see their human evolution forever compromised by reading the term blacklist. Now, he only needs to make two or three compromising mistakes in the build phase to see all the praise heaped upon him today bounce off general sympathy.

They even like to walk through a puddle of water, the worst thing is to wet the hem of their pants.

Against Arsenal, some of Sporting’s best attacks started with initiatives from St. Juste and Gonçalo Inacio.

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