Sporting-Arsenal: Color blind confused by… red and green – Europa League

Several entities complained after the duel, claiming that the colors of the lion and gunner equipment clashed. UEFA does not foresee any changes before the second leg

• Photo: Vítor Chi

The upcoming Arsenal-Sporting promises to be a problem… for the color blind. And one day you might ask questions about a Lisbon derby. Why; For there have been several complaints arising from persons affected by the difficulty in distinguishing the colors, in this case those of the lions and the shooters at the meeting in Lisbon. However, UEFA is not in favor of adaptations and rejects – at least for now – any change to the red and green kits of the Londoners and Lisbon, respectively.

However, it is not only tomorrow’s duel at the Emirates, counting for the Europa League, that triggered the colorblind protests. In the same competition, the first duel between Manchester United (red, of course) and Betis (green and white, of course) prompted the same complaints, which even included requests for more support and understanding from those who say they feel an increased challenge. to differentiate the two teams on the field. Even if in the case of Sporting and Betis we are dealing with imported equipment.

After all, the matter has already been raised “at the headquarters” of the Premier League, after the meeting in London of Brentford with Fulham, on the 6th of this month. The home team lined up dressed mainly in red and the team coached by Marco Silva wore an alternative green ‘shirt’.

But there are also athletes in England who are raising their voices against some lack of organization at this level. Aston Villa midfielder Remy Allen was quoted by ‘The Athletic’ as thinking what happened in a duel against West Ham was ‘ridiculous’ – for those who don’t remember, ‘wicked’ and ‘hammers’ have the same meaning jersey: burgundy with blue sleeve. In this particular situation, the most basic measures were not taken for one of the teams to play in a jersey other than the traditional one.

In fact, this case already merits the following intervention from Kathryn Albany-Ward, CEO of Colourblind Awareness, an organization dedicated to combating the challenges caused by colourblindness: “We need a very clear framework of rules to ensure that the jerseys of of clubs do not collide”.

Just for the color blind this particular case is exemplary for those who don’t know: red and green collide.

By Filipe Alexandrou Dias


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